Purge meter just do not fill

well im in private server with a clan of more of ten players building, killing npcs and doing things as crazy and purge meter just don’t fill it don’t move…

Default setting has it update every 60 min or so. I set mine down to update every 30 but I still haven’t had one trigger.

Actually I would prefer to have a clean live counter over these rare updates. But well…

I think it takes time ,the higher lvl the more you have to grind.
Took me 3 hours to get one at lvl 50.
I agree it’s something to look at b4 release.
Or just an explanation would be nice.

Hi folks,
All I have done this morning is build and my meter is about in the middle of my crotch looking at my picture in the inventory screen,about 3/4s to the start of the purge line.
was shocked myself to see it so far w/o any combat!!

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Building is THE biggest factor to getting a purge followed by crafting. Combat plays the least role. If all you do is build, then your purge meter will skyrocket compared to someone who only does combat.


Thanks for the advice.
Should be a balanced system so you can do all 3.
Hope they change it.
Thanks Again for your time.:smiley:

Ok I have been at it for 3 hours and the meter is where it was when I POSTED this 3 hours ago.
So there is a glitch and it is intermittent at best.
How are people and the ones who can’t play all day like some of us supposed to play.
They have got to address this b4 Launch.:rage::rage::rage:

Update 3hours 50 minutes it moved but still short of the Purge start line.
Been building 90% of time since you clarified how the purge is triggered.
Nuff said about this!!
Again Thanks::rage:

4:34 of grinding and still no purge.:rage:

I think its glitched as well. I was having a purge a day before the last patch and have not had one since…have made some setting adjustments and still nothing.

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Totally Nuts
Been logged in 12 minutes got a Purge Alert!
Only thing I did is change Frequency from 60 to 14
Sounds like Frequency meter is in minutes,not sure.
Hope this help Vambrace I FEEL your pain and Frustration.
Thanks For the Update Also.

Had 2 lvl 3’s and did not grind very much.
Lets hope they fix it !!!

Had a total of 3 Sunday I guess FOR Now I hope it works

You have to adjust one of the settings quite a bit lower to get purges again (Purge meter trigger Value). After the last patch PMTV defaulted to a really high number. On my server it made achieving a purge impossible.

Once I set the Purge Meter Trigger Value number much lower we started getting purges fairly regularly.

Not sure this will help anyone else but there you go.

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That’s the ticket Vambrace.
You are correct.

Had one when I first started playing about 2 weeks ago. Nothing since.

Cant get my purge meter to do anything, what setting do you have your PMTV? i set mine down to 100 and still nothing.

Same here for me.