Stop Purges Until Crashes are Fixed!

So here is an idea, albeit late but none the less.

So a lot of people, myself included, have been crashing non-stop while trying to play and what not. Or having tamed thralls disappearing, not regaining health, falling thru the map, can’t find body…you get the picture.

All the while the purge meter is filling or already full, like mine was/ still is.

Now I get it only happens 6pm-11pm server time and there can only be ONE per day, or at least that’s what you claim but how do you expect people to prepare properly if they can’t play? Sure they are suppose to not happen while you are offline but again you claim this and the hours at which you do want to play are indeed the hours for said purge.

Further more some of us have real life commitments such as spouses, jobs, kids, etc and cannot work our real life schedule around times of the game where we can “farm and build” in safety. We shouldn’t have to. It’s a game.

Look all I’m saying is if you can’t fix the issues with the game at least disable the purge across the board or for at least console until you can. This was the one mechanic I was excited to experience in game and it turned out that I was extremely under prepared for it when it did happen due to the game being unstable and not functioning properly.

I don’t want people to go thru the same experience I did. Do something for the community and turn it off until the game is more stable. If nothing else do it for the fact that you CAN and WILL dashboard mid purge. Yeah mobs will still be there too, they don’t magically go away.

Just saying.


If anyone knows or is playing SP and you don’t crash let me know. I just want to be able to play and experience the purge on my terms not, the fault of the game failing and me having to suffer thru it.

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I totally agree with this. Stop purges until crashes are fixed.
If you’re solo official pvp, like me , then a crash during a purge will be the end of the game.

Exactly my point. It is game ending for many players as they are not prepared properly thru no fault of their own. If the game is prohibiting you from doing the necessary steps for purge, then purge shouldn’t be a thing.