Please just roll back the update

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Please for the love of God, just role back the update.

From one dev to another if something is worse on release or update you simply roll back and fix the issues. How these updates got though testing is beyond belief.

Don’t you test before releasing to prod.

Here is an idea, release updates to a few players so they can alpha test, then if everything works release the final working update to the coummunity.


It’s been on Testlive for over a month.

If you have specific issues, since you are a dev, then you know details are important. There isn’t really any information on what you feel is wrong or having issues with in this bug report.


Okay by far the big issue you guys have is the frezzing and FPS drops issue, and I know you’re looking in to it, but if it’s causing a issue that makes something unplayable then roll back.

I don’t know how all the other issues have not been picked up on the Testlive and then all appear after the update.

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We need alpha testers with your experience on TestLive. Join us next time :wink:


In case you weren’t aware, I’m not a Funcom employee. So just clarifying that.

With regards to requests for rollback, that is almost never feasible for a number of reasons. Perhaps your game developer experience isn’t in a field where mods play a very, very significant part in a game update. The one time they did a rollback on official servers only, people nearly rioted. And the list goes on, but the topic has been discussed to death, and I’m sure as a game developer you already understand most of the complexities of a rollback.

Number of people on Testlive. Very few people volunteer to test (and I’m not saying that people should be expected to, that’s up to each individual to decide). A larger contingent of players play live, so more issues found. As a game developer, I’m sure you have seen plenty of instances where internal QA didn’t discover something, but your much larger userbase did after it was released.


Guess what, they already do what you suggest, there are people playing on testlive to help, but issues like the performance degradation where not considered critical to prevent the patch to be released.
Edit: forgot to say, the performance issue was reported on testlive.


Many of us test on test live, we put in bug reports and more bug reports and even more of them and the bugs we report do not get fixed before they push it to live, its very frustrating to test and report and get nothing back but grief from other members on this very forum. That might be why the testers are fewer every patch.

I mean come on , bosses porting to a strange place on the map has been reported really its game breaking to not find the boss in the correct place but a modder can fix it but Funcom does not for weeks and weeks, this is why testers get frustrated and stop testing. Or you test and find an issue then then you report the bug and everyone is do this and do that and do this different well someone found the bug they reported it, they should not have to go back in and try 15 other ways to see if it works, its reported its up to the Game company to fix and find out why not us who test. OH and yes I saw all the bug fixes in this patch and notice most of them have nothing to do with t he base game all for the DLC which really be honest just gives more bugs on the base game, it runs slower and slower and slower every patch.


As far as some issues being in the patch that shouldn’t be goes… idk how many of the regular player base looks at the testlive bugs threads… bit I personally saw a lot of players who don’t play testlive go on and scream about needing patches now… some of those players are also now in this forum screaming about a bad patch… while yes I agree this patch wasn’t as polished as it should be before release… I think it was ok to release it now… and if I look at it from the devs point of view… it seems they are damned if they do damned if they don’t… I was one of the people who reported on the performance issue when it first came up… and trust me what we are seeing on live from what I dealt with on testlive isn’t as bad. I hope they can get a hotfix for the performance issues ASAP but I want it to fix the problems so I want them to take the time to get it right.


I’m not dev bashing and please don’t take it that way.
Just wondering why so many issues have slipped through. As a quick fix is there a possibility to roll back? Personally I think more damage has been done than issues and bugs fixed.

Roll back is a win win for both the players and dev’s
players go back to playing
dev’s get more time to fix issues and bugs.
Players are more understanding and forgiving if they are kept in the loop, they would rather know you’re spending more time fixing bugs and making the game better, than just dropping stuf that will annoy the hell out of them.

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As multigun stated above its not that simple to just roll back the servers. The dev kit would need to be rolled back for modders, people would freak out because of lost time… there’s a lot of issues with rolling back the update. I believe there will be a fairly quick fix to a lot of these issues as most of them had been reported and fixed in testlive… a few of us are questioning how the fixes were reverted but since there were fixes then I would hope they don’t take to long to get patched again


My core game works. I had a little lagging when I logged on, but that passed.

After going through all the updates, patches and hotfixes from way back back in early-access, this is not unexpected, or going to drive me to bouts of screaming - although I may add a little something to my coffee. This is mainly because I am very familiar with software roll-outs and deployments. They are usually hell and involve much screaming and usually some tears - perhaps a paper-cut or two (or in the UK, some loud sighs and some ‘tutting’). I am just grateful that, in these globally trying times, that software is being updated.

I don’t have time to help test on TestLive, so all I can do is thank all those that are part of the testing community for all their time.

Happily, I remember back when most of the legend items, thralls, armour types, DLC’s and added map regions did not exist. Therefore, any changes, whether adds or subtractions, do not make me want to bite through my pencil or throw something at the cat. I admit did get a little tense when I spilled my coffee earlier, but I suspect no-one else out there cares about that.

Oh, and then my mods got updated! My usuallly happy little players were a little tense that servers were down pending mod updates, but they do know that’s the nature of modded servers. The players are playing now and no issues (thank you modding community).

There are channels and discord groups to report actual faults, which when used, move faults into a standard fault resolution process. If critical, it would be prioritised accordingly and eventually released.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s a game. A very good game in my opinion and one that has somehow clocked up nearly 6k hours of my time - how that happened I do not know - but it has been a lot of fun and likely will continue. Thanks again to devs, support and art staff and modders of course.



If they do a rollback, for me personsally, it will be just a step taken backwards. We need to move forward together not backwards…this Update is huge with a lot of good fixes.

The only thing Funcom HAS to focus on After releasing Siptah is to take a look at bugs/cheating fixes(especially when cheaters are using 3rdP Programs).

IF they manage to do that, while communicating more with the players, then praised be Mytra! Yogg too!


:grinning: I would help but Conan is my escapism so this last thing I want to be doing is more work. :laughing:

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