How to get around decay timers on Official Servers while you're away

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I’ve seen many posts especially recently on the advent of the change of decay timers. It has been covered before but I am going to list a few ways that you can log in remotely to refresh your base while you’re on vacation, business trip, ill, or taking a break :slight_smile:

You will need a compatible smart phone, access to the internet and allowance of about 5 minutes of your time while remotely connected to refresh your base.

Some of these options have caveats, such as GeForce Now. This is the one that I use and a free account limits you to one hour of game play time. There is usually a queue as well.

If anyone else knows of any other options not already listed please let me know and I can add them to the main post.





On PvP servers, just get a friendly ally to come around and bomb your base and do some damage to it. That refreshes the timer as well.

Wont work on PvE though.


Doesn’t it work with just placing a bomb and then taking it back? (I don’t play PvP, but I remember a video about it a couple of years ago).

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No :frowning:

You have to do enough damage too, seems it is based on a percentage.

Before I could place one bomb and it would reset, let’s say for a decaying maproom. Kind of wish that still worked XD


Thank you!, it is working just dandy!


Thanks a million kiki! Several times people had unexpected situations that needed help and i couldn’t give any. This may be a good solution for some of them.


Imagine having to jump thru hoops just to both play a game and have a life. Nope simpler and more sane to uninstall.

If that is what you choose then that is great :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear!

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You’re very welcome my friend.

I was concerned even for myself even though I do have an amazing clan to lean on. I do sometimes like to visit family or travel so this is a great solution if required :smile_cat:

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Maybe? When I had my ban, our bases were bombed, so I know at least that much works. It very well could with just placing, maybe Ill run around and try that on some other peoples bases.

in siptah, someone using a convergence trap to blow up something using a purge (a light , or foudnation or stairs) will reset the entire timer.

in EL is more complicated , without server transfers, i have my toon with the knowledge to make and operate convergence trap, but gathering the unstable??? is a very very slow process in EL

It was patched out. We used to look out for each other on the PvE server because you just had to place it and pick it up, but we can’t do that anymore.


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