I got a CE problem I need to solve before Friday


Hi guyz.

I’m currently on vacation in Hong Kong, and I underestimated how hard it is to get 140 Ping from here, to my European server. (figured I could get 140 ping to American servers sometimes… shouldn’t be too hard to get that ping from HK to Austria…)

I have roughly 140 hours left to figure out how to refresh my 10 month old structures on an official server before they decay. Understandably, I feel quite attached to all I’ve built. The integrity of my server depends on it (public infratructure like maprooms and anti-griefing barriers conserving public domains like New Asagarth entrance)

Now the question is, does anyone know a method to bypass the Ping either through masking, editing or VPN?

I am considering using VPN, but I wonder if the server list counts ping between the VPN server and the CE server, or whether it’s the entire length (ping between CE server -> VPN server -> My Laptop) that is counted? I don’t want the hassle of paying 12,99 euros just to try that out, so i figured i’d ask first.

sigh Ironically a server friend offered to have an alt join my tribe to refresh my bases while I’m on vacation… not having accepted that offer would actually mean the end of my time with CE due to decay x_x

I’m in Australia and recently hooked up a vpn to (ahem) “borrow” a movie.
Upon logging back into conan my ping was way to high to connect to the oceanic servers but i could connect to the asian ones if i chose.

The vpn was a good free one called Soft Ether i believe. You can choose the location you want to connect to.

Worth a shot.

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Thanks Honky :slight_smile:
With some luck, you might have just saved an entire legacy.

P.S. Figured an exiled boonie kangaroo would have experience with VPN ;D

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If you can remote into your home machine, you could install an app like the one offered by ParsecGaming.com which runs the game from your home machine and then lets you control you home machine remotely. They also have the means for you to rent virtual gaming PCs, which might be another option. i.e. Login to your Steam account on a virtual PC and connect from it.

Good luck!


That’s so dope!
Thx Larathiel.

I just tested the VPN thing. It actually works. Massive difference on world wide pings. Now I just godda try it with a german proxy server. Fingers crossed.


No probs.
I hope it works out for you.
I’ve seen so many epic builds decay or get looted while the owners taking some holidays, it makes me cry.

I hate to see good guys leave due to a bad mechanic.

Ok. There is good news and bad news.

Bad news is that I just tried VPN. Still can’t get the ping to go under 141.
Good news is that I got a few friends who quit a long time ago, but still in my tribe. There are favors to be asked :slight_smile:

Second good news is, failing all, I can trust @mikey with my steam info to log on and refresh me stuff :slight_smile:

It’s times like this where I’m twice as happy to be sentimental about good friends :3


The best option would of been to remote desktop into your home computer and sign on that way.

Issue with RDP is that it lacks screen-edge turning. It suffices in a pinch, but that limitation is a big part of the reason I mentioned Parsec upthread, it actually has screen-edge turning and even controller support (if desired).

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Well, nothing I can do with those good methods right now, half way across the globe with the master switch off at home.

RDP is usually something you do AFTER having been traumatized by travel and decay timers x)

Also Windows Update has a nasty way of restarting your PC at home, when you need it most from abroad. Does RDP work when the PC is in it’s log-in screen?

Parsec looks the most promising technical solution with the remote gaming client if you are in a pinch and VPN has failed you.

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RDP can be used to get into a Windows-based system so long at it would otherwise be possible to login to it. It’s my preferred method for logging into all the virtualized servers & workstations on my network.

So yes, if a Windows-based PC is sitting at its logon screen, then you can RDP into it provided (and this is likely the kicker in this scenario…) provided that remote access has been previously enabled and the requisite firewall/NAT rules created on your router back home (i.e. forwarding inbound TCP port 3389 to the desired PC).

By contrast, I just remoted in to check my router at home and it doesn’t look like any firewall or NAT rules were required for the Parsec client. Just initiated a system reboot to see if Parsec can be used to login to Windows or not, so we’ll see here shortly…

EDIT: Yep, Parsec can be used to login to Windows also. Typing this response from ye olde home PC post-reboot. :slight_smile:


Personally, remote access is like an American Express card. Don’t leave home without it.



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Except in many cases people want to shut down and unplug all their vulnerable systems before they go on vacation.

We do this when we go away as we’ve had electrical storms that have damaged equipment EVEN through power surge protection boards (not cheap ones, but good quality ones which still have a limit on how much they will protect from.) When at home if a thunderstorm is directly overhead we shutdown and unplug the computers, tv, stereo etc … we’ve had one TV fried by lightning …fortunately still just within the extended warranty period so eligible for a free replacement…but if it had happened one month later we would have to buy another.

or to protect them from blackouts / brown outs causing them to be shutdown/restarted improperly whilst they are away.

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Aye, that’s also what we did. Shuttered home completely.
Also this port forwarding, and firewall stuff; I’m a gamer, not a network administrator. I admire and respect awesome solutions, but I end up using solutions that are within my comfort zone: practical services that I can pay for and can learn to use within 10 minutes.

Networking is just not something I feel comfortable messing with manually.

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That’s fair. I’m the sys admin for my corporation and know all too well that what’s a non-issue for some can be an insurmountable hurdle for others. Of course, you also probably don’t feel like you’re naked in public when you’re away from home and realize you can’t access your home network while on the road. :slight_smile:


I’ve had security issues with this in the past.

For me it was a bit like this -



It’s also a bit strange.

On one hand I don’t have ping-lock problem on ARK. On the other hand, I am somewhat glad that it’s ping-locked on CE because it keeps the demographic local.

Double edged sword.

Your threads are like a bong hit sometimes. I went from “Remote Access The Expensive Way” in my head all the way to Parsec via @Larathiel.* Parsec was my very first legit video game. So you went on a trip and brought me full circle. Cosmic.

* Props for that link, Larathiel, and your explanations, all kidding aside.


Haha, that’s great! Thanks for saying so, @Barnes. :slight_smile: