Question/Idea - X-Box dedicated server

Hello there,
I know this was discussed, but I like to bring this up again.

Situation now is, that a dedicated server for CE is only available via g-portal. Honestly, this is too expensive from my pont of view. I know, that one of the main problems is the xbox live/gold abo, that is meant as only valid way to play an online game on xboxes.

Taking this in account, why not offering a xbox server application, that can be downloaded via store and so provide access via xbox live/gold network. for instance on a second xbox. it needs not to have the possibility to connect via lan for license reasons. So all you need would be a second xbox and a valid gold live.

for me this provides some massive advantages: I can set up a server analog to the official server settings except the decay time for buildings, so that I can take a rest as long as I like. It does not cost me extra monthly fees. As the software is distributed complete over the store this way all the common rules of xbox would be respected.

honestly, I had already bought a server on gportal (for pc the smallest has 4 slots), but realized too late i had bought wrong. For xbox the smallest available server has 10 slots what means I have to pay around CHF 15,- a month. That is really too much. 3 Months for 15,- would be ok, but not more. And I can take no longer rest. If I decide to make a longer pause, I loose all my structures. And as conan is a game, where you invest very much time in building you world. It brings again and again frustration when player loose months of their work.

I would not have this problem, if the decay times on official servers would be massive longer. Or even better an export/rest mechanismus :slight_smile:

Maybe this belongs better to suggestions, but I thought it also is valid here as it is a server thematic…

well… that is why KING OF THRONES server is really good… on PS$… they are the best