Instructions to setup Dedicated Server onPC for Xbox to connect to

Hey folks, after leaving Conan for some time, I recently found out that cross-play and dedicated servers for Xbox players are now a thing. This is AWESOME news and if I can figure out how to get it to work, I’ve got a crew that’s excited to jump in. I have a few questions that I tried to find answers to here in the forums.

Apologies if these are already answered, but I tried for a good 45 minutes and couldn’t find the answers.

  1. I see that there is a dedicated server launcher, but everything I see says that it’s for the Steam version. I believe that a server created with that tool can NOT be connected to from an Xbox. Can anyone confirm that?

1b) If it IS possible, when I did it, even though I got all the port forwarding set, I couldn’t find the server on my Xbox. Any suggestions on what I might have horked up?

  1. On my PC, I can “Enable Mods” and through that find a folder for mods. Specifically it’s ModifiableWindowsApps\Conan Exiles\WindowsServer\Engine\Config. There’s also a Windows folder under that, but that only has a “WindowsEngine.ini” file. I’ve poked around here trying to set a server name that I might be able to find from my Xbox, but nothing I’m doing makes it show up (And yes, I am starting the server from the Xbox App on my PC). Anyone have an idea on how to get that to move?

For the record, I did already get the port forwarding set up and the dedicated server launcher confirmed that those are configured correctly. Of course, those are the steam ports and I’m ASSUMING they’re the same for Xbox, but if not, it’s trivial to add a couple more ports…

I really appreciate any help here. I was happily surprised when a friend told me that they had heard about the dedicated self-hosting and I’m actually pretty eager to get back into it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Help can either be comments or links to other documents, but I’ll admit I’m kinda scratching my head.


This I would like too :slight_smile:

But as far as I know it is not supported yet for security reasons (MS dont allow to use the Xbox Live net on dedicated apps) So there is no Xbox-Live variant of the Server Launcher yet.
I still hope there will be at least a Lan solution with direct connect, so the Rules from MS could be fullfilled.

On the other hand, a dedicated xbox app (CE server app) that dont leave the xbox live net could be a solution Funcom could discuss with MS. ARK did it that way and so it should obviously be a possibility.
But I guess, this question has to be brought up my enough people. Each time I asked this, there was nada feedback from the community, so it can be frustrating to bring up such ideas… Looks as if nobody else cares about such ideas.

I will respectfully disagree on the capabilities. I can launch the Conan Exiles game from the Xbox launcher on PC which is part of the Microsoft Game Pass ecosystem and I believe that I can crossplay between that account and the Xbox. I can also launch a “standalone” server from the Xbox launcher on PC that gives me a small window for “Close this to shut down the server”.

I haven’t tested launching the server and connecting to it from the same PC, then try to have an XBox player join the game with the PC player (since crossplay between Xbox and PC is advertised). But if all of that works, it SHOULD be possible to configure the server on the PC to work.

I found all the files and my hunch is that I’ve just not got it configured correctly, but I do have an idea here I can try later. I wanted to send an e-mail directly to Funcom, because for all I know, this is SUPPOSED to work… but instead it directed me here. I’m hoping this is merely a configuration issue.

The other alternative is to add an option to the running app that has a “Start as standalone server” which, as you say, is how Ark does it. And that option has worked fine for us. The advantage of that route is that the account on the Xbox shows up as “Playing Ark”, and you can use the Xbox control to join the game. It works beautifully, but to be honest, I like Conan better and I’d love if we can find that solution.

In case this thread doesn’t gather the answers you need - may I suggest you take a look at the thread linked below, it seems to be regularly monitored and posted to by the guy directly responsible for the tool - he may be able to help you :slight_smile:

I would also advice you to ask your question there, as DanQuixote adviced you. I went alls this miles already and that is the reason because I know it does not work. CE is NO crossplay in the moment. This is a quite old story. Ask your question there and you will get a official answer from Toolguy :slight_smile:


I did ask on that thread and Toolguy also told me the same thing. Thanks all for encouraging me to head to that thread, I do have my answer and it does appear that crossplay is not available. Unfortunate, but true.

Thanks all for the assistance.

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