Trying to make a server on a PC for XBox

Hi guys, not sure if this is the right forum thread here, and I know this is the PC side of Conan Exiles, but just wondering if there’s any possible way to make PC Server for XBox players.

Recently, I just bought a PC that’s almost $2K cause everyone I talked to in person said it was doable and possible.

Forward to a month now and I finally got my computer (again, at almost $2K), I ask said guys how to do this and they said that they didn’t know and to just ask around.

Anyways, is there anyway whatsoever to make a server on my brand new PC for XBox or am I gonna have to b**w someone from the local computer store to TRY and get a refund?

@CodeMage can you please give our friend here a explanation. Thanks

As far as I know, it’s not possible to host a server for Xbox clients on a PC. Here’s the relevant section of the FAQ for the dedicated server launcher:

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