Server questions

Hi There, im giving serious consideration to owning my own private server.

money is holding me back at the moment as i don’t want to pay for a server i cant use. i was told by another Conan player that their server is one that all the players must be near each other…the game wont let them drift apart from the hosting player. I want a server like a mine craft realm or the official Conan servers that let players do what they wish regardless of where other players are at. A server that stays live even if the owner (Me) is offline. i’m looking at GPortal and their paid servers but want reassurance that i will get a server the same as an official .

am i chasing a unicorn here? :sweat_smile:

Hi there,

If money is an issue, why not join one of the many existing servers? If you must have your own for whatever reason, you can host it yourself but then you should consider doing it on another pc which is going to be always online (see the pinned thread in this subforum for how to set it up) or look at renting one as you have already done.

I would advise against using g-portal, unless you are on consoles, then you have no choice :slight_smile: G-portal is the “official” server provider but their servers are cheap and it kinda shows :slight_smile: If you are on PC, check the alternatives depending on what kind of budget you have. You are flexible to configure the settings as you wish but the game comes with default settings regardless which host you choose.

What you describe regarding the server going offline when the host logs off, etc is specific to the co-op gameplay. If you host a server using the dedicated server tool or rent one, the server will remain online (as long as the server machine is working) and you won’t face any tethering.

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When you have a g-portal server there is no limitation, everyone can go where they want, only hosted/co-op from single player has tethering distance.


i realise now that i worded that wrong, forgive my autistic brain. :sweat_smile:. money is not an issue that i seemed to mean in that paragraph, i meant that i didn’t want to commit the money to something i wont use.

i am on console (Xbox one)so i am stuck with GPortal whom i have never used before…never had a paid server or realm so am a bit lost hence why i came here to you wonderful people. so i have indeed found my unicorn thank you all for your advise i am now much more comfortble with the idea of my becoming a first time server owner. :smiley:

You are very welcome @UnbreakableMare. Being an XBOX server owner should be easier than PC because you don’t have to deal with mods which are a blessing and a curse :slight_smile: you can find more info on the server settings here in case you need it.

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thank you so much for the link Narelle, i really appreciate the info. i think i’m going to learn more before i get the server, basically i want an official server for myself and a few friends with a couple of minor changes that the official doesn’t have ( increase thrall levelling mainly) . i love this game so much that i actually have an interest in owning a server. i wonder how updates happen to privately owned servers? do they update same time automatically like an official or does the owner have to manually apply the update?

From my experience with gportal on pc, they have an option for auto-update which will automatically restart your server when done, might not be the best idea because your people might be disconnected in the middle of something important. Alternatively, you can do the updates manually and give a heads-up when you intend to bring the server down for it.

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