G-portal Private server

My brother and I were wondering if there was any need for us to open our private server to 2 or 3 mature people to play a vanilla pve conan exiles (Not Sipta). All we have is a 10 slot g-portal server with no mods that is hosted in the states.

The only things we have changed on the server is there is no purge as they seem to be bugged and the decay timers have been turned off for buildings. Also, there is no drop on death. We want to see if a few (maybe 2 or 3) people have any interest in this. My brother and I are the admins of the server and there will be no type of cheating allowed.

At this point we just wanna know if there is any interest in this from the community. If not we will continue to keep this private passworded server to ourselves, lol. We don’t play on the officials right now due to all the problems. There seems to be very few problems on our server. So if there is any interest please comment below and my brother and I will talk about it and post back here. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

What are you paying for your 10 slot server?

Here is a link to check out:

I can beat that price and quality. If you’re interested.

I will tell my brother to look this thread over when he gets online. He is the Head Admin of the server.

I’m paying between 18 -20 dollars a month CDN. Server has been going a little over a year now.

there are already to many G-portal privat servers out there. me and my brother open 1 2 weeks ago. got problem getting people to play on it. I would recommend joining an already existing private server.
can join us.
Unamed kingdom vanilla pvp.
we run all Sliders like an official
No admin abuse and no mods,
direct connect:
discord: https://discord.gg/22jAM8NgJC

Just to be clear. there are to many low populated servers out there. no need to make another one unless your rely committed.

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We figured we would throw it out there and see what was up. We are dedicated to the game and the server. We both have admin experience on websites and games so that is not a problem at all. If no one wants to join that is fine as well. No worries.