G-Portal SCAM - Won't List My Server

Hi, I purchased a G-Portal server on the 23rd of June and it still isn’t displaying in the Conan Exiles Server List. I have been onto support with G-Portal every day and at first they explained it should be showing but finally the reply was that this is a FUNCOM issue and I haven’t had a reply to my issue in over 24hours.

G-Portal is your promoted Server provider and they won’t fix this or refund me my money. I need a reply from FUNCOM about what they will do to address this. I’ve seen on the FUNCOM forums that unoffical server support specifically for servers not displaying should be addressed with the Server Host however they have ceased supporting this issue and seem happy to simply take my $60 despite not providing the service I paid for.

I love this game but someone needs to help me fix this and FUNCOM needs to address the matter with G-Portal or stop promoting them as the prefered supplier of Conan Exile Servers.

Kind Regards

Did you install mods on it?

No mods. 100% vanilla.

Same problem here, server not listed, but it’s hosted by LowMS.
I think it might be really a Funcom issue. I have more friends with the same issue on private servers not being listed.

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