Conan Exiles - Official Server

Hello all! First of all sorry for my bad english!

I’m new to this game and I’d like to know:

This game does not have an official server?

When I say official server I mean a server managed by the company that produced the game and not a rented server.

Tank you all!

There are many official servers for this game available to choose from. G-portal does provide their hosting service. I don’t think “managed” is the term I would use, but Funcom does act on some reported incidents of abuse.


As stated there are a number of official servers provided by funcom. Most have a ping restriction that is effectively a region restriction. They provide a few “no ping” servers for those who play outside main regions, with poor internet connections or want to play with people from different regions but not run a server themselves. But Funcom does not offer a full Administrative (lor Game-master if that term is more familiar) service for these servers.
What this basically means if you lose stuff due to a bug then there is no one to ask to roll back the server or spawn in a replacement for you.
If you get other players harassing you (or the entire server) then you have very limited means to deal with them … no all-powerful Admin to come online and ban their IP or destroy a blocking structure.
Only in very extreme cases when you have given a lot of proof privately to Funcom will they take action against individuals or clans.
This is the official Funcom stance on their official servers:

Whilst this all sounds like it is utterly horrible to play on an official server … well I’ve only played on one official PvE server since May 2018 … I accept if bugs or Funcom code changes destroy my stuff then I have to replace … but terrible interactions with other players that destroy my enjoyment of the game completely have not occurred.

you’re very fortunate, i have had 3 servers completely wiped to 0/40 from 40/40 with most players quitting or going to privates. The massive server wipe clan that goes around wiping servers ruins the game, nothing like being overwhelmed by 20-30 players who pop to 60 in a day and then start polluting global with toxic chat and hate as they wipe every single building from the server.

hello. i am part of a clan called won’t bend tha knee and all of us were banned because i “claimed” dev power. i can prove this claim was not in fact a claim. i can prove that i do not in fact have developer powers. i would appreciate the opportunity to remedy this situation and was told that if i can prove it untrue our ban may be lifted. i would appreciate a response. because so far what i am hearing is my server that i played on changed raid time from 7 pm my time to 2 am my time, to 5 pm to 11. you guys changed settings. and i made a sarcastic comment about “dev powers” which should be pretty obvious that i don’t have them. which is honestly ridiculous that this kid complained after we wiped his five clan alliance off a server, and used my sarcastic comment to report me. then you guys turn around and actually ban ten players with no actual evidence of any exploitation? seems a bit unfair.