FC's response to the survey

Note to players: Please see the final (and apparently official) response to the Immersyve survey here: Immersyve Survey - #166 by Ignasis
This was, without a doubt, the most tone deaf response I could have imagined being come out with. It’s also very clear my own initial post was not read. So let’s go through this.

Ignasis: We’ll proceed to close this thread as it has been taken out of context in more ways than one, not without a final series of clarifications.

No, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t taken out of context at all. It was clearly a marketing survey, not a “how can we make our game better?” survey.

Ignasis: The survey is optional and voluntary. Taking it is not forced or enforced, but it is appreciated for those of you who are willing to take it.

Not a single person claimed FC was holding a gun to their head to make them take the survey. The only people who used the expression “forced” was to explain that if they wanted to participate in the survey they were “forced” to answer a large number of questions they felt were personal, intrusive, and offensive. There is no “opt out” on any of the questions. And yes, that’s a problem. There absolutely should have been a “Prefer not to answer,” option on all the questions that did not directly pertain to the game itself. Yes, all those questions asking people about their mood and their satisfaction with their lives.

Likewise, there should have been an option to opt out for questions that did not actually pertain to people. One writer spoke of all the roleplaying questions that did NOT apply to them because they don’t actually play on roleplayng servers. So to continue to participate in the survey they were, indeed, “forced” to answer a whole host of questions that did not even pertain to them. There’s two obvious problems with this. The first is that a significant portion of respondents will simply just stop taking the survey at that point. So now you’ve lost a chunk of valuable data. The second is that those who DO go on and answer questions that do not actually pertain to them will skew the data on those questions. How is that helpful to either Funcom or their players? It’s not.

So who the heck signed off on this and did they even read it?

Ignasis: It is a product and customer satisfaction survey created and processed by Immersyve, a world-class leading company in this field. Their services have also been used by other gaming companies and organizations outside of gaming. You can check their website here: https://immersyve.com/

I, in fact, actually did go to their website. Which is where I found the following:

This did absolutely nothing to make me feel any better about this company or Funcom’s association with them. Not only that, but as “ a world-class leading company in this field” I was shocked at how poorly produced the survey was.

As I mentioned:
Question 50 through 54 they totally screwed up. They all read:
50. How interested are you in accomplishing Other - Write In (Required) ***? ********
And then they don’t give you the ability to write anything in. I would not expect a “world class” company that’s been in this biz for forty years to be so sloppy. And no one at FC caught it. There are actually a few more places where similar gaffes were made. That was just the most glaring one, being four questions in a row.

Ignasis: The questionnaire has been crafted by Immersyve, and the data that stems from these questions is collected and processed by Immersyve. The results will be used by us to better understand the pain points and motivations of our player and customer base.

I’m sure it will. I’m also very sure that the questions that ask how frustrated you have to be that you’ll reach a point where you’re willing to make in game purchases to either have an item that will allow you to more easily “complete your goals” or to “save time” are exactly what they look like: An attempt to gauge how willing players are to accept microtransactions, cash shops, etc. If it was REALLY about identifying “the pain points and motivations of our player and customer base” it would have addressed issues like lag and general performance, how balanced PVP is, the impact of thralls, the amount of players that are able to play on both official and private servers, how well armor and weapons values work and a whole host of other questions that actually pertain to your players’ experience of the game. Of course that would have required that the survey be crafted by a “world class” company that actually knows the first thing about your game. Or perhaps FC’s own participation in crafting the survey rather than just farming it out and failing to read the finished product before releasing it to your customers.

Ignasis: Once again, the survey is completely optional and voluntary. Those who don’t want to take or complete the survey are 100% free and in their right to not do so.

Again, not a single person claimed that they were being forced to take the survey. That you feel the need to say this twice shows your utter incomprehension of the objections people have had to this survey. You’re responding to a non-issue that no one raised.

Ignasis: And finally, to reiterate, thank you to those of you who have voluntarily agreed to take and complete the survey. It is still available, and you can find it in our blog.

Y ou’re welcome. In fact, I took it twice. Because you can you know. Not sure how that might skew your results but my surmise is that, since Immersyve can easily tell if a survey is coming from the same IP or machine, they’ll simply throw those out.

As to the issue of privacy, I notice you don’t touch that. There is no reassurance that our participation in the survey will NOT open us up to targeted advertising or that our information will NOT be sold to other third parties. There is no reassurance that our identifying information is NOT being collected by participation in this survey. So, my question is: IS IT?

To say that I, and many other players, are deeply disappointed in this response is a colossal understatement. Saying that other companies also engage in these practices and use Immersyve to do it does not excuse Funcom. Thus far Conan Exiles has pretty much been the last bastion of freedom from coercive salesmanship and psychological manipulation of its playerbase. I am incredibly sad to see that era come to an end.

UPDATE: 5/13/21

Alright because I am curious, try to be fair, and am also apparently machoistic, I have taken the survey for a THIRD time. So, for starters, and in GOOD news, there’s this:

So, yes, they have finally addressed the privacy concern. Apparently they are NOT collecting our IP addresses and selling them off. Hurray. Now you can all go take this endless thing and I STILL encourage you to do so.

Also, pretty much all of the errors I noted on my first run through have now been corrected. This actually now works/reads like a professional product. Also good news.

The personal questions about your happiness, etc are still there and still do not have opt outs. However, with the assurance that IPs are not being collected we can probably be more comfortable with answering them. I feel the reasons they ask these kinds of questions are still not legitimate and may even be nefarious but I am now less concerned than I was initially. And because I know someone will ask… Why do I consider the personal/psych eval questions to be potentially nefarious? For some of the reasons I’ve already talked about. Knowing the state of mind of players gives companies an edge in knowing what kind of psychological manipulation to employ against them in order to get players to act against their own self interest. And I maintain that this is unethical.

There are still all the questions that probe to see if you’ll get to a point where you’re willing to accept microtransactions and cash shops, etc. So be on guard for those and I hope you’ll join me in firmly rejecting all such monetization schemes. Be clear that what will get you to open your wallet is a quality product that performs as it should with new, high quality content released on a reasonable schedule. And the return of our beloved cultural DLCs! :slight_smile:

But, overall the survey has been improved and if you can force yourself to wade through it you probably should.


I will Keep saying it, I encourage to not take this survey.

@Alexandria , I could not agree more, most of those clarifactions done by @ignasis , does not cover the raised concerns, and those concerns are still valid. And awaits further clarification

Some people seems to confuse word class with the fact of just having well connected people in the industry, in a lot of places being connected is even better than be good at something. And yes I still feels the survey has obviously gone too far, and personal with questions that clearly take you to another direction than just seeing how can we improve conan exiles.

Based on their own website it is also clear they “think” they create information to manipulate masses, well that can always be attractive to companies, but as with most social sciences it is extremely hard to measure in sales,

I am also really dissapointed with funcom response, hiding behind the “others had use their service” it’s not an excuse to allow something that is clearly bad , and goes far from the sales pitch of, “to make conan better”

Your analysis of that “world class” crap some are calling a survey is brilliant .

Thank you for such a smart and we’ll done thread


Have I ever told you I love you, @Alexandria? Of course, you know this post will most likely result in you being banned, and the thread locked, perhaps I’ll screen it and save it to be able to repost it once they lock the thread.


It wouldn’t be the first time dear. LOL But because I love this game and its community I’ll take that chance.


I`m kind of curious how the Datatilsynet, the norwegian data-protection-authority and the GDPR would see this survey because there is clearly personal data being collected and there is now sign of who to contact in case when you got questions.

Also, lets be honest, having a company that works for Amazon and Disney, really doesnt makes me trust in their data protection. And the fact that they worked also for Activision and EA teils me, that Ignasis either has a very different thinking about “customer satisfaction” or he has been living under a rock way too long.


I don’t think you will get banned… Based on what grounds? No one can’t say this is not a constructive criticism. And no social.guidelines has been broken.

Do hope, funcom responds to the concerns being raised in the locked thread.

And that they remove the unnecesary questions or at least add opt out option to irrelevant conan exiles questions . Maybe they should hire a company that has a better idea how a gaming community works. … ? One such as this?


I don’t think they’re collecting the type of personal data that would normally be protected where there are adequate protections, (i.e. not where I’m from, lol), but I would agree with the rest of your comments.

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Isn’t it just normal commercial practice?
I checked the survey myself, and besides being incredibly long, boring and repetitive, I don’t think there’s anything particularly nasty in there…

Is it about micro transactions? Maybe, maybe not.
If it turns out that people want them, they will implement them.
If nobody wants them, they will not implement them.
If nobody wants them but they implement anyways, people will just leave…

To be honest, looking at the survey it sounds to me that they’re trying to figure out why we keep playing the game after 3 years of drowning in bug abuse. Like they have found a very addictive formula but they don’t really know how they did it :slight_smile:


Hmm that company is not in Norway or Europe, so no idea if there is any kind of jurisdiction there.

I have no idea what data can be mined without your permission, or by the browser if any. I really have no clue, I would have expected a privacy agreement I can read, where they explain what they will do with the information I am taking to the time to give. Is the least they could do. It is just being ethical , and respectful of people.times. call it a courtesy . Sadly there is no such thing.

There was also something that caught my eyes. If this is for conan, why are they asking about mobile gaming? I have not heard that exiles is going to be ported to cell phones or tablets. And pretty sure it is not going to run with an arm processors or tegra chips.

There is way more to that crap survey that meets the eye. And being shady does not help at all … It makes people.nervous


it is very likely that this thread will be blocked without more, any criticism is considered an attack, those of us who have completed the survey have informed the community of our discomfort about certain questions.

The feeling that @Ignasis has transmitted to us is simply that they don’t care if we feel uncomfortable.

Criticisms will always exist and can be taken in 2 ways:

1- you accept them and try to improve within your own canons.

2- you do not accept them and you make your player base angry many more.

While trying to be constructive in our comments, we only received a block for expressing our discomfort about the survey.


Oh they do know the answer of that. You Don need to hire a company to ask about it you are happy or not. (wgats next ask about how many times you get laid in a wesk to t and see how your sexual life impacts your game time?)

Why ask about mobile gaming if, that’s a not supported platform? , why ask about microtransactions (they know better that pay to win is not liked a little bit) there is so many irrelevant questions (some repetitive ones) … That is not even funny.

After reading that “survey” do you honestly believe it’s about conan exiles? Or maybe a how to find a way to manipulate the community to expend more money in their games ? check Immwrsive web site and see their sales pitch there. (not my pitch but theirs eith their own words)

I have bought everything they have throw at me. So I am a very loyal customer. But we can’t be blinded, and we need to be aware this survey has hidden stuff I am not comfortable with
And of course I am still waiting for funcom clarification regarding all the valid raised concerbs


If they knew, they wouldn’t bother hiring the surveying company! This probably cost a lot of money you know…
You don’t want it, that’s clear. I don’t want it either. Maybe some people want it?
Maybe females in their 50s, with 3 kids, who are playing 5h a week mainly in dungeons and are generally happy with their lives, want a game with micro transactions… so it’s good that this survey will help Funcom make a game for them, no?

I would like to thank Ignasis for the very clear and unambiguous response, it left no room for misinterpretation on Funcom’s stance to the matter.
Surely I would have hoped for a different answer, but if we are going to be honest for a hot take, it was the answer we had all expected.


The problem is, normally you would have at least a disclaimer which teils you, who is collecting your data, how to contact them and even more, if they will be kept only for that single case and specific situation. Without that, right now you basically handing over your data to Immersyve and they can do with it whatever the f* they want. Compare it to other surveys they did? Sure. Filter it and cross-check it with other data-collections which allows them to get a more personal picture of you? Of course. Sell the whole collection to other companies and developers. You can bet, they will. Because thats their business. And even more, if you dont check and have cookies enabled it is rather easy for them to build a very very detailed profile of you.


I wish they would check what kind of ■■■■ we usually download and adjust the thralls physiques accordingly :slight_smile:
->Data science done right!!!


so you don’t see this survey has way more into it than just conan exiles and how to improve the game?

What about the real issues the game has. ?

Lag issues.
Thrall issues
Cheating issues (pvp)
Bugs affecting qol, I mean the list could be very long) funny enough it does not seem to be taken into account In That survey.

I know it’s not for free, They are paying big bucks for it. They know why people are angry at. They know the bugs. They do know the estance of the player regarding microtransactions . As it has been discussed in here a lot. They do know people in this community hates pay to win. Model

What people ask is , privacy agreement. And honest answers about clear intention, I don’t want to be subject of manipulation, not at my age that survey has a lot more in it than just conan exiles.
And the survey as alexandra noted is… Badly done , check op


I don’t know if you took the survey and felt totally comfortable doing it, those of us who took the survey and felt uncomfortable didn’t expect that answer, we expected a totally opposite answer.

Saying it’s free and I can only do it if I want to doesn’t sound very professional.

If we carried out the survey it is because we wanted to do our bit since they took the trouble and also paid for it.

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You really think such question is relevant in a commercial survey?
Is anybody going to say they don’t want bug fixes?
Does Funcom not have already too many bug reports to deal with?

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The survey is according to funcom help to improve conan exiles. What does that has anything to do with my personal life? Or with gaming on mobile.devices ?

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Please leave Politics out of this. We don’t want to give the excuse to have this thread locked. Please