Exploit on server 1110

hi funcom, hi guys

we have a big problem with russian exploiter at server 1110…the name is 404 do not found…they had a base in a temple near the ice…and they glich in towers…a guild of this server had made screenshoots of it…we write to them…but they dont hear…we all on this server want that the russians became a warning from you funcom! i play over 3000 hours conan and love this game and know all the problems with glitch…but i am angry that these gays do it again and again…

best regards

Are you talking about the tower near “Ruins of Xullan” in frozen north?

Hi Zing,

There are numerous spots across the map that you can use a specific “exploit/glitch” to gain access to and once the initial person has claimed that spot it becomes unreachable / unraidable for anyone outside of who owns the land.

One spot off the top of my mind is the pillar at Tyros’ passage.


I am aware of the method of how to gain access to this ruin and I have seen it used by multiple clans on different servers, including the server I am playing on now which is currently occupied by 100% legit hackers who abuse exploits (duping / stat bug) as well as some form of speedhack that grants them a botched method of flight.

Regardless of that since I am able to fight them and win and they are yet to beat my clan in combat I am not too bothered however if you could fill in pillars like these that would be awesome.

Perhaps make a public post on the forums pinned where players could submit screenshots with the spots that need to be filled in and that way the player base can actually get some visibility on the progress of the team behind the game :D.


There is a thing called private message, very convenient for discussing this type of things.
We also have https://www.conanexiles.com/exploithunters/ where people can submit explotable things. Screenshots/videos can be uploaded to private cloud and links shared, taking note of location by pressing SHIFT + ALT + L is also useful.

Whilst I appreciate that you don’t want to “spread” exploits around. Certain things that are commonly abused and need a fix that the community aren’t kept up to date with usually result in player loss to those who feel “slighted” by the exploitation of theses issues.

To fire it back to you, there is a thing called a player base. It needs informing.

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