I have been griefed . did i find an unreported exploit?

i started building a base on official server 1313 in the caves near the boundary spillway however i was unable to continue because someone glitched several tier 3 base foundations above the ceiling inside the cave where i can not see whos they are or reach them . i have included an imgur link and the coordinates are (17,133.295, 41,885.625, -7,331.342) i am unable to reproduce this as of now but will be making efforts to do so in an attempt to claim the bug bounty . my clan name is teh st33z



We can’t provide any MMO style support for issues like this in Conan Exiles. Official server 1313 is a PvP server, so if you can find a way to reach the foundations, you can destroy them as you would any other. Decay could also remove the foundations in the future. You may also need to pick a new location to build if this area is already owned.


Sorry but now you just lowered yourself to a mental age of 10 in my eyes.

If you want something to be done about those foundations as above, either blow em or let them decay.
Or alternatively go to a private server, hundreds of them around.

Also, there is a think called factory recall and not far off almost every vehicle gets them at one point or another.

Not sure how comparison or a multi billion vehicle research lab can be compared to the small team of developers at Funcom?

You have not been “griefed” those foundations been there before you started building. That location is a known issue and will be addressed in the upcoming patch.

Great example of FunCom support here. Customer Service gives a copy/paste response and has no idea what’s actually going on. Dev comes on and responds, contradicting the Customer Service person and admitting there’s a bug/known issue that will be fixed (yeah, sure, believe it when that happens).

Could you just have Customer Service stop responding with these useless copy / paste responses. All they do is mislead your customers and they provide no value or benefit. You could re-purpose the money you’re wasting paying these monkeys and buy a nice coffee pot for the office or something.

EDIT: Thinking about it more, would probably be best to just delete the forums and stop communicating with the player base at all other than patch notes and news releases. Nothing you all say is ever accurate and your attempted communication just causes more confusion and ire with the community. Just focus on trying not to ruin this game and the community will figure things out.

What customer support have said is accurate, we do not provide GM’s support on official servers. What I said is also true, if you read yesterdays patch notes for testlive, the very first line mentions location OP is having issues with.



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