There is exploit in the game and community mods are doing nothing to help

So about week ago I reported clan that was flaming us, racist comments etc. Then they attacked. Damage is done by thralls, not them. They didn’t change names, I saw it happening but… last time I posted it I got instant ban on this forum so I will not describe it again.

Anyways - we lost our bases, they raided all main players. Of course they use some explo, but again: the main damage is done by thralls. All on the official server. All I got in reply from “community mods” is that they forwarded this issue.

Have you been reporting it properly? Take the time to read the guidelines on how to successfully report a violation. Posting here demanding help doesn’t do anything, you need to follow the procedure.


Yes i reported not long ago a same problem.
Funcorm is aware of the ‘‘Thrall damaging buildings’’ exploit
Sorry you got raided that way, however it takes much more time to raid like that than using bombs.
You got raided anyway, no matter they used Thralls or bombs.
Unfortunately your only option is to choose a different server ( i know that’s not the answer but right now that’s all we can do)
You can write in your topic the server number so others aware of what is going on that server (I assume a so called Alpha clan did it)
Also @Jimbo said.

Good luck in the future, and wish you exploit free game experience

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@Kyo The issue is known, and it sounds like Funcom logged it.

I’m not pointing out the other thread. :innocent:

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If not mistaken this issue as well as some other pvp exploits are addressed in the latest Testlive revision. Considering that we’ve got a devkit update, I assume the patch will go live in the next few days.


This may be delayed due to… current events.

@Jimbo yes, the ps4 situation is unfortunate and it is definitely one with critical priority.

I am of the opinion, that funcom provides nothing for free, nothing as a “courtesy”. This game is advertised as a multiplayer, online game. Not a game that has additional multiplayer support with a third party server service. The game is sold as a multiplayer game. Therefore funcom is required to host multiplayer servers.

Would you swallow a lie from…lets say Ford, you buy a car from Ford, you believe they provide a gas tank as a courtesy?

I’m not quite sure what you’re replying to. Jimbo posted a link to the guidelines and procedures to report malicious behavior. There’s no mention of anything being a courtesy.

Your Ford example isn’t really a comparable case. A car won’t function without fuel or other power source, so a fuel tank or similar is an essential part of the product. Multiplayer online gaming, however, is possible without dedicated servers or moderators, and has been so since the 1990s.

The game is very specifically not marketed as an MMO. It’s an “online multiplayer survival game”, copied verbatim from Steam. Is it online? Yes. Is it multiplayer? If you choose so. Is it a survival game? Questionable, but since you will die if you neglect to take care of yourself, I wouldn’t call this a lie either.

Official servers are mentioned on the Steam page, and they are also provided. Active server moderation for misbehaving children is not advertised, nor should it be assumed.


Oh damn…i just read the heading and not the policy, they removed “courtesy” from the wording. Is that cause of my previous posts on that very statement?

I make that analogy, as a gas tank is part of a whole, the car. And if Ford advertised a car, you would get a whole and complete car.

Yes, I understood that. But a multiplayer online game is not a car. You can’t just arbitrarily decide that multiplayer online games include server support or moderators by default. I suspect there’s no legislation on this, either.

Each game is an independent product, sold including what it says on the tin, and any expectations beyond that may of may not be fulfilled. But if a game is sold with no promise of server admins or game masters, we have no reason to claim that they “should be included”.

@Kyo: the community managers are not necessarily the same people who take action against rulebreakers online. If they have forwarded the issue, then they have done exactly what they’re supposed to do. Don’t expect the hospital receptionist to operate on your kidney, either.


That is an analogy that I find fitting very much :laughing:

Sorry to hear that you got banged buddy, but that’s how it goes with funcom.

Before they take any action it will already be too late. Then they will ban innocent players without a shred of evidence and let the actual cheaters go.

Throwing accusations like this would be nice if backed up with evidence. But, as I believe Funcom’s procedures for disciplinary action are not public, you have no way of knowing if the people they ban are innocent.

Spreading misinformation or disinformation is a serious problem these days. Please don’t be part of that problem.


This issue has been fixed as per our latest patch.
Regarding server moderation, please make sure to follow the procedures listed here:

As per accusing other players, please make sure you also keep our community guidelines in mind: