Base raid in pve time



hi all

ive played conan since the early stages and tbh put up with a lot of problems within the game…i did think on gen release that most of the problems would be fixed or very soon after.but this last trick is over the top,my base on server #1131 was raided and destroyed by the glitch of bomb placing then logging out and back in during pve time,this does damage to objects and defences.

im pretty sure that it was a clan called ottermans on the server that did this.and i am also pretty sure that the devs or server admins could look at the server logs for players who have constantly logged in and logged out .and see the things they are doing.
then ban the guilty parties from the game.

i would like this done and would like the sever admins to return all the items my clan has lost from that raid.if not then my clan and i wont be playing Conan exiles anymore,as there will be no point when you cant defend against this sort of thing happening.we have a lot of time playing conan exiles and tbh the admins devs or whoever should take responsibly for sorting this issue out.

i paid for this game to play not for my efforts to be abused


same for me


unbelievable that this bug came out on youtube and funcom still haven’t hotfixed it…


My friends consider to join the topic “We need you to please hotfix asap Funcom”

yesterday the exploit was embedded in a post with a link inhere.
It has been deleted, but first 100% quoted, and today repeated in the devtracker and wth how you should execute it (!) in devtracker!

indeed, my wireless keyboard is running out of battery and is eating letters in the process…

someone post this exploit on reddit yesterday.


Apparently you can destroy building on PVE and PVE-C server with trick

Yes, our initial thought was that this is most likely what happened.
Which is already addressed on TestLive. More exploit fixes are in the pipeline as well.

Im alone there and need some backup of sane people or it will be snowed under again by forum mignons who do not even know wich exploit i am talking about.

All oke bugs and stuff we know it, we will wait, but this needs direct and fast hotfix attention?


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