Official Server In need of players!

Server 3557 is a old server on ps4 me and my guys are trying to get repopulated!! There is about 6 players in the server with PLENTY of good places to build bases!

Nobody is at war we are all trying to get our bases built and gather resources at the time being everybody is friendly until the server repopulates! We need players asap!!

Also the server has a repopulates

Then everybody will be evil… unfriendly! That’s the big problem with any game that allow PvP. Looks like people can’t stick togheter without harassing each other. Have anyone thought what would be real life likely if it was like that? I can accept fighting for land, resources, ideals… but attacking for no reason someone that had never crossed your way? Where is the fun in it? That’s why i don’t like PvP. It’s worse in CE because strongh people massacrate weak ones all the time. That’s why your server is so empty.

The server has actually been empty since the start of conan. I talked to the “alpha” or the first player on the Server and he aays he dont come on anymore because its been dead from the start. If people would join who dont do foundation wipes then what is the worry. Its PvP after all. Ita just a fresh start. No bs going on and no surver bullies.

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