Not playing this game EVER

We’re building something that will show the community what we’re working on and allow you to vote on issues you’d like to see us work on next. :slight_smile:


@Jens_Erik that sounds awesome, when can we expect this ?

As soon as we get all our ducks in a row and finish it :slight_smile:


Just make the “events” optional on unofficial servers. I think that would help solve quite a bit of the issue. Its great to supply extra content events to the game, but to say, “everyone will play this event, like it or not, or else not play at all” is really a bit much. It would be much better to say, “everyone, we have new content for you to try out, but if you don’t like it, you can switch back to normal game play.”

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so next year then?

After the Yamatai DLC.

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That’s on the top of my list :slight_smile:

A bit sooner than that. :wink:

Well… Next year is only 6 weeks away so he may not be far off but it would be great to see some improvements in the next 6 weeks.

Imagine how quiet the forums would be if all of the people quitting actually quit and stopped posting on the forums all day.

The forums are already really quite compared to just 4 months ago. Imagine how fun the servers will be when you get your wish and it’s you and 5 other people on the servers. Sounds like fun. My server already went from 40/40 every raid window to 10-20 only on weekends raid windows and maybe 10 during the week. It’s a lot of fun playing multiplayer with no one on. I waited 8 months to post but after funcoms failure after failure to admin their server or provide any fixes for any of the core mechanics I just had to say something. Conan exiles it’s self could be the best survival game made to date but funcoms mis-handeling of yet another good release has/is killing it.


To be honest and throwing my 2 cents in this i think both you and @honoraryorange have points here even though both of you have very different opinions on this. I think you both should debate about your points while also finding the middle ground on the things you agree on as to better understand each other. Also i still play this game and chat on the forums though i have been busy with real life and sometimes i am only able to look through comments quickly and leave a like so it could be possible the same thing can happen to some people as well.

My only real point is that people shouldn’t post “I’m quitting!” posts and then sit here whining on the forums for days on end.

Nobody cares if someone quits. They should just leave.

But if people want to come here and talk about the games problems (which I agree there are many) that is totally different. People being complete drama queens about it though is getting old and only fuels more negativity.

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The devs should care. The more quits the less money they can make with DLC or maybe even future titles. This will be the 3rd product in a row the devs have mis-handled. The last two almost put funcom bankruptcy. If exiles didn’t sell so we’ll on consoles they would be bankrupt today.
You may not care which is fine but to say nobody does is a bit of a stretch.
I myself have yet to say I’m quitting the game but I have not purchased anything DLC due to the fact how badly funcom has handled their support of this title.

I don’t think they are being -drama queens- they are just trying to let the devs know they are leaving and telling them why. I don’t mind people doing this because I hope it draws attention and tries to force the company to have a better product that I can enjoy more. Sure sometimes the -flaire- in which they post / quit can be dramatic but that’s probably because they see a product here which could be the best in it’s genere being completely destoryed by mis-handeling.

I wish everyone that was on my server came here and posted they were leaving and why. I wish everyone would when they quit the game to try and send a -wake up- call to the devs. I know of at least 60 people that were on my server just 2-3 months ago that I haven’t seen or heard from. They quit for pretty much all the reasons discussed in this forum. If only a few people post and complain then the devs think it’s isolated and what we are complaining about is not a valid issue and being -drama queens- about it is a very small portion of the larger community when in reality it’s much larger problem then they know.

Sure , maybe what I have complained about on here across multiple threads is the miniority and maybe the rest of the community is fine with the game in it’s current state. I doubt that though since when I look at servers list during peak times now (raid hours) I never seen one at 40/40 in 2 months. I saw one three weeks ago at 30/40.

I am sorry you feel like it’s just people being dramatic but I think that’s a very ignorant way to look at it when all we are trying to do is help funcom make their products better for free. Provide them the research and information so they don’t have to gather it for free. Provide them the solutions even I seen posts a few months back from people that know programming on how to fix the code in their game to fix broken spawns and other things that funcom once again ignored in favor of adding stuff instead of fixing their core game.


will it be this year ?

It may have something to do with the vocubulary and tone of said messages.

When someone rants like a preteen on coffeine, most people are inclined to just roll their eyes and move on.
Some may even think the game is better off without these kind of people shrugs

I get that but I also understand by the time they posting here they are very frustrated and disappointed in the game and a lot of times before posting I quit statements they asked funcom support for assistance in some way or the other and were ignored. Sometimes I do see well written -i quit- statements that are met with the same constructive criticism of -bye felica- or byeeeee which is the exact reason their leaving anyways. Instead they could offer their support or offer to help them with their issues if possible soay e they stay and keep them around if for any other reason just to raid them later…

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If anybody had taken the time to look at the profile of the OP, you might have noticed he wasn´t on since posting this.

Just a hint of how some people might aktually stand by there words.

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And I get those frustrations, like I’ve said a quite a lot of times before.

But personally, I will not offer sympathies to people who behave like juvenile tossers, who cannot state their case without a multitude of insults (usually at people who are actually trying their best), any more than I would trolls and griefers.

I.e. you made a good eloquent case about lightning, which gained my respect and understanding, that there are people who actually suffer because of this feature. Then you tossed the same respect by refering to your ‘lecturing’ an FC employee a couple of times in all these vent-threads, in a tone I could only classify as derogatory.

Stating and venting your frustration is fine and should be done. But people should keep focus on the ball, rather than the player. Belittling people won’t solve the issues this game has.

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