New Players thoughts

I am relatively new having been brought into the game by the “Free” PS4 offer.
I liked the game enough that I decided to invest some time and money into the game, BUT I had enough reservations to only buy the first DLC.
FYI: I only play Single player on the PS4 as I do not like PVP, and hate griefing ( for reference I loved RDR single player and disliked RDR online due to griefing)
I now find myself at a crossroads with the game.
On the one hand I really like the base building and the world in general, HOWEVER the stability issues on the PS4 causing ongoing crashes, and some other “quality of life issues” are making me question whether or not I want to invest additional hours (and money).
I have always felt that a game needed 2 things to thrive.

  1. be fun and have content that engages the players (CE does this very well).
  2. respect the players and their time (this is where I have a problem).
    Currently the game does a great job in alot of areas, where it does not is with the PS4 stability and the mechanic that has a thrall disappear after a crash if you do not get back to the location soon enough or the last “guard” location. Simply put it is possible to forget there your thrall was last put into “guard” and to lose your thrall and all it was carrying simply due to a crash.
    I have no problem losing thralls and equipment when I die in game (that is part of the game after all), however to lose dozens of hours of work simply due to the fact that the game is unstable and has a player unfriendly mechanic is not something I am willing to accept without complaint.
    I strongly suggest the dev team allow players to set a “home base” for thralls to return to if DC’d or at least have the thralls return to the nearest bed/bedroll.
    Any way here are some other changes I would like to suggest:
  3. Fix PS4 stability
  4. Allow players to designate "home base " for thralls/pets, or have them return to the nearest bed/bedroll in the event of a crash or other non player controllable event (no issues losing thralls & materials if you legit die in game)
  5. Please make some adjustment to the controls setting page, as the changes you make are not saved after log off, and it is very time consuming (due to the slow rate of adjustment,) to make the change everytime you log in.
  6. change the scroll speed based on quantity, perhaps one speed for stacks under 100, and another for stacks greater than 100. (I know we can split a stack, but that is not always possible due to space limitations).
  7. as you deplete your waterskin it should begin to weigh less like every other item in the inventory
  8. make the controls consistent or allow the players to save them in settings (see #3 above). Sometime loot is “X” sometimes it is “R2”, please choose one or allow the player to make a custom controls that saves after log off.
  9. Fix the building system to not require you to log off and log back in just to placea foundation or other piece in a spot. Many times while base building I end up with spots where the game will not allow me to put a piece (for no reason), only to allow me to put it in place after I log off and then on.
  10. I currently experience NPC’s disappearing after I kill them, denying me the loot that was earned by killing them, very discouraging.
  11. Physics! at present I can launch a mammoth 50 to 75 yards (estimated), while skinning. Mostly this in inconvenient, but on occasion it end up falling off a cliff or aggroing something 20 yard away.
  12. Aggro and animal density. In general I thought it was pretty good, however now that I am in the North (or perhaps it was a result of the last patch), it seems everything aggros you at 3 to 5 times the distance other NPC creatures do. It is frustrating to see a sabretooth run past a mammoth and several deer to attack me, and then to have the mammoth run in behind to attack me as well, which then seems to draw in a wolf 50 yards away and perhaps also an elk. Basically if the animals are going to aggro at that distance they should not ignore other creatures that are closer than the player. Nor should they join in to attack the player if they are obvious competitors/prey.

Anyway, I want to conclude that (note I am only speaking about single player as that is all I do) I like the game in general, however I am continually frustrated not by the game but by the instability and inconsistency of certain items in game that I think should be a relatively easy fix.
I would like to keep investing time, effort and money in the game as I like most of it, but need to be assured that my (and other players’) time is respected.

Thank you.


I just realized one suggestion that I meant to include.
Allow players to hold a torch AND pull a rope holding a thrall.
It seems to be a significant inconsistancy that we can hold a torch and a one handed weapon and fight, or hold a one handed weapon and pull the rope, but not hold a torch and pull the rope.
I have to believe this is an oversight but given that the game has been out for quite a while, with lots of smart and dedicated posters online I have a hard time believing I am the first person to suggest this.
Does anyone know why this is this way? I have to admit it doesn’t make sense to me…



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Just how games is handling it on consoles sadly. If your really after loot from something, best to not have it leave your sight. The game has habit of droping stuff out of your cone of vision.
Its ether how game only loads whats in front of you, or simply something else.

Also, if there mid dieing and “moving” and you look away they tend to go thru floor or air. if you see them die and stop moving, you can often look away.
Once Stablity gets better, or they change how areas loads around you. May become less issue.

This and item amounts is do to Console not having fully supported Keyboards.
They’ve looked into it a few times. Even said it should be working. It hasn’t gotten much better. XD
Like Purge Setting for me, can be set to 0 and 100k. =/

But changing sound setting is game auto saving each change. (they said they’d look into it)

Were also waiting on a patch that fixes Setting not saving. =3

Leave Rhinos ALONE!!! we like launching them =p
This has been a debate of sorts from time to time. (aim down, and they bounce off ground slightly) Instead of …way over there. =D
Few of them had there weight adjusted… few of them, its been mix bag of player wanting it there, causes its part funny and been part of game since release. XD

As for Elk/wolves, If your talking Northwest, Its suppose to be pretty cluttered. Its also a “group” game. So it needs to be challenging for that.
And game is set up as one Enity. And not possible to change certain things for “single player” with out messing with “multiplayer.” And Multi wins over Solo sadly. (I’m in solo player boat)

Absolutely! This does not make any sense at all. Have lost many a thrall by pulling out my torch.

This is a problem on PC too. It’s a long term issue, sigh.

Excellent suggestion! I hadn’t thought of that and feel like a bit of a dunce for not having so.

Hear, hear!

At the moment there ya a known bug that setting changes we make do not save. As is the increased frequency of thralls disappearing upon death (it’s always been an issue but the anniversary patch made it worse.) There are two work arounds suggested for disappearing dead NPCs (and your own corpse) - run out of rendering range and back in will usually make them reappear above ground; but my preferred method is to randomly hit the ground around where I think they died with a religious tool - this will “harvest” the dead body giving the religious item and a few pieces of human meat and a loot bag pops when the body is destroyed - I’ve never found that this bag is hidden & destroying multiple bodies will pool the loot into one big bag with smaller empty bags for each body destroyed.
Should be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Re: thralls and pets returning to last guard position when you crash, relog, die or tell them to stop following you
Well I can’t see Funcom making any changes to this anytime soon, so I suggest a work around if you frequently put a thrall on follow into guard in various locations on the map and have trouble remembering where … namely train yourself to mark the map with a custom map marker whenever you do that and erase the old one. Yes I do agree that being able to deliberately set a “homing” point other than guard would be useful but I can’t see it happening anytime soon.

(, if you tell them to stop following that does not make where they are standing their current guard position and after the elapsed time period they will start making their way back to last guard position. To get them to stay where you tell them to stop following you need to lift them up using the guard radial wheel command and put them back down)

Hi Kwalya,
Thanks for your input. Based on what you are saying is that I am out of luck and and all the time I spent collecting those materials is gone due to a known technical glitch that Funcom has known about but chosen not to hot fix.
If that is the case it is clear that Funcom do not respect their players or their time.
Given that I am sad to say that I must quit the game and delete it from my SSD.
As I said I do not mind losing items when I die in game, but I will not play a game that wastes and disrespects my time by not fixing known issues that cost their players time.
I have enjoyed the forum and the game, but I can’t stay if Funcom won’t do it’s part to fix their own game .
Thank you to the other posters andI hope all the remaining players enjoy the game.
I am returning to Div 2.

Compromise? Skinning rhinos wouldn’t launch them sky-high, but trebuchets would. Take the carcass, heave it to the spoon, make adjustments and then pull the lever. Then again if you want live ammo, heave your pet rhino to the spoon instead.

Every game has issues not every game company has billions to fix problems right away it takes time for smaller companies to get fixes done they dont have the millions to spend on countless overtime hours to get this games up to date.

They could have started by shipping the game when it was finished. When it came out a year ago it was 10 times worse than what he describes up there. It was pushed out for a full price anyway. No one here doubts that most of funcoms staff is capable and able to make a wonderful game. I think we all play proof of a great potential. Some decisions made disgust me though…

I don’t mind issues for me there are a couple of simple questions I ask when I decide to spend more money and time in a game.

  1. Am I having fun? Yes for CE
  2. Does the dev team/company respect t’s players and their time? I now have to honestly answer NO for CE. This is based on the fact that game stability has not been fixed, and no effort at mediating the damage to players when a crash happens. I also take issue withhow the thrall/pet feed mechanic was handled as well as the upcoming thrall wipe. Basically players are being penalized for Funcom’s mistakes. If the players who are negatively affected were to receive some sort of reasonable compenstion for changes Funcom makes that would be one thing, but they are not. Funcom is issueing dictates as to what they are doing and players are expected to just accept it no matter how negatively they are affected.
    I have no issue with dev’s fixing issues as they arise, however I cannot and willnot accept knowingly shipping a broken product and then fixing issues when the developer feels like regardless of the impact on their player base.
    I feel it is irresponsible and disrepectful for Funcom to dedicate rescources to develop and launch a DLC, while they still have unresolved major stability issues.
    You need to have a solid foundation before you start building a highrise.
    I would offer up Div 2 as an example of how to launch a game.
    I had alot of fun with CE right up until the the game crashed and I lost my tier 4 packbearer with 25 slots full of star metal, black ice, a tier 3 armorer, and an entertainer, as well as several other tamed pets. My time invested to gather those materials was huge, and no remediation from Funcom, or even expectation as to when this issue will be resolved has lead me to quit the game.
    Basically the dev team has said (thru it actions), we know about this issue and will do something about it when we feel like it. We don’t care how much of our players time this wastes, we have other priorities.
    Well my time is limited and the level of satisfaction I was getting playing the gamewas suddenly wiped out by this known and unaddressed issue.
    Since I respect my time I have no choice but to quit a game that won’t respect my time and by extension me as a player.
    So although I enjoy the communty and base building and the CE world, the frustration generated by this unaddressed technical issue outweighs all the good.
    I hope the rest of the community can continue to enjoy the game, but from what I see many are very frustrated with the relationship with Funcom.
    Undoubtedly many will stay as there is alot of good in the game, but I suspect many more will leave as they realize that the current decisionmaking at Funcom does not prioritize the player.
    Who wants to stay in any relationship (even a commercial one)where you are not a priority?
    Best of luck to everyone!
    I have quit the game but will hang aroun here for a little while seeing how the conversation develops.
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So I just read a post by Meo that there is another glitch that strips players of ALL possessions while they are offline, causing them to “wake up naked”.
I must say this seems to me to be a fairly major issue.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is this new since last patch or ongoing?
I would love to hear people’s experience.

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