Please, save the game!

Stop expanding:

An expansion entails additional content. This is an overwhelming perspective for new players and old. The game is fun but to new players wanting to catch up with others and understanding the game it is an insulting move for Funcom to make. It brings forward the notion that the company is greedy and simply wants dig players for money. In response to this idea I am certain that changing the name from “expansion” to “cosmetic addons” or rather “new skins” is a step to relieving the anxiety of a lot of players - especially, beginners and returning players. There should be no more expansions until the game is fixed; there are far less active players; thus, the game is dying and people might come back only when there is a patch that works. Adding expansions in the state the game is in is simply threatening the revival of the game players. 1.4 million game players is what you are trying to save - there is still a chance but not if you keep expanding the game because to new and returning players it is just ugly and simply speaking, it is quite daunting. Do not risk losing 1.4 million customers - be very careful in what you are presenting to this audience. You cannot get oil from a dried out well - work on the conceptual package design of an advertisement for a big comeback, a CE game revival is where the art should be. If the game reawakens then you can look forward to us players inviting our friends to play and perhaps tripling the player base. I cannot invite any friends at this point - - we are waiting on the game to be fixed. There ought to be an extra incentive for us to invite our friends once the game is running smoothly, without all the bugs and a greater incentive for our friends wishing to join.

Edit: It is not the fact that downloadable content are skins but the way they are presented is wrong. Coming from a new player’s perspective they appear to be expansions. They should be clearly labeled as “skins” and not so boldly advertised this early in the game. I understand artists are expensive but the work should be geared to enhance what already is in the game; This has already been noted. The focus should be on making the game more presentable via streamlining the controls and further organizing the categories - the items available under the UI. There needs to be clarification given War Paint and their duration to help players. More time needs to be put in tailoring the tutorial to help beginners learn the game. There is no satisfaction given by the many reviews left on . The game needs polishing and for the best of many there are certain elements that are lacking. The game feels incomplete without mounts and even if it be a headache - spending time creating a horse that can carry additional weight and that can run without tiring will be appreciated. This should not be an expense to the players but to attract people back into the game. Mounts should run as fast as a human can run and avoid small objects that get in the way of the humans. Funcom needs to realize that they have messed up and in rehabilitating the players faith, they need to give a little more back to the 1.4 million players. Consider the mounts a gesture of goodwill or a small fine for selling a game that has been rushed and still in the beta stage. I am just trying to let you know that you owe the existing players more art without charge. I hope you understand that I am not insulting you but giving a measure to how people feel and what it will take to bring the game back to life.


I must admit that I have told friends to not join the game until some of the fixes are in place. I tell them that the building is amazing and the combat is better than most survival games, but there are bugs that could totally kill the experience. Wells not refilling, chests and thralls disappearing, getting stuck in chairs, just all of of the little things add up to kill the immersion. I tell them it is a great game, they should just wait for it to be finished before joining…


The DLC’s are not game expansions. They are the same as existing T3-T4 items already in the game. They have given us additional skins with out having to change any of the code in the base game.


Calm yourself, they didn’t expand anything. They released two skin packs. Jeepers.


Understood but you need to understand what I am saying. I have emphasized what needs to be understood in the above comment given the “Edit”. If you are unable to advertise the DLC’s as “skins” then there needs to be a little more to it?

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the game was not meant to last long unfortunately. It seems as if it’s already been abandoned by the devs and the players. Most servers are dead on PS4, then if you don’t want to play PVE by yourself you gotta go to a new server and start over from scratch while anyone that’s been there has months ahead of you. This was the intended lifecycle of the game, it was fun at first but not much to offer at the end game. It’s pretty much done and they may as well shut it down honestly.

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and even with just additional skins, those DLC armors and buildings have incorrect stats and bugs. How are you gonna explain this?

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You’re absolutely right about that, but a staggering loss of the player base in a game like this is abnormal.

I agree with @Vejadu and AntonChigur from what I’ve seen on PS4 servers The game is dying.
There was a brief revival of server activity when the game went on sale, new players were able to pick the game up cheap, so those that were on the fence about buying it got the game and played for a while, that made servers more lively. But now the servers are dying out again.

Although I don’t think DLC really has much to do with the waning playerbase.

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Current players will only get bored if they feel abandoned by the developers. Presenting a video with the developers explaining the work they are doing to revitalize the game is better than selling DLCs. It is false advertising to depict DLCs as new content when they are just skins. The DLCs represent Funcom’s greed and not dedication to making the game better. More art needs to be implemented into the existing animation and making thralls blink more often. The UI needs to be more polished and streamlined. Enhancing what is already in the game is what invites players to truly feel the game is not dead. Players need to know that Funcom actually cares about their game and that further development will ensue. The work of polishing a game is expected without end. There needs to be more reason for customers to feel satisfied about a broken game then pretending that skins is actual work. We need real expansions not DLCs in other words. Show us what a real expansion looks like. What are you planning for us and what work have you put into the next real expansion? The Barbarian edition looks raw and unpolished; it too needs to be streamlined. This is how you keep your customers and give them faith to help you by inviting their friends to come and play. Skins alone will not save this game. You have to prove that you care about your work - the current game to make your customers care about it and help you.

You obviously have false standards if you want players to view you as a store. If the game is good enough the number of players would have increased. The proof is having people believe in your product so much that they invite their friends to come and join them. The sad part is that you perceive yourself being a store and not an actual game to be loved and cared for. Some babies born with defects often time grow and heal; Conan Exiles is a baby in need of healing - - nurture it. If you want to be a store and believe that the grand opening is the biggest day for customers then you are missing the part where the customers actually buy stuff for their friends and loved ones. I think the customers came into your store and left with a level of disgust. You really need to throw a party and see who actually attends. Nobody wishes to party where the foundation is breaking apart with bugs and careless behavior. Throw a sale on Humble but you will only discover the same results. Funcom really needs to show what they are developing and working on to make the game better and more fun. PvP needs to expand and the end game needs greater care. Show that you really care about the product and not the money you can steal from the customers before the game falls apart. Right now is not the time to invite more people to play, it will create an everlasting curse on Funcom - - their entire reputation is at stake. You need to do a better job investing yourselves in being better than any other game company out there. Be better than Blizzard - - polish and streamline your game. Stop adding DLCs to an incomplete foundation. It is time to wake up and be more than incredible.


You are truly blind if you do not realize people are abandoning the game. “Players are playing across platforms and servers” is just subterfuge to continually sell a broken product and have people place false faith in your work? You need to make a group finder and streamline your game. Show me the tracker - I want to see numbers. Give proof and read your forums more carefully. Look at the servers and see how many people are actually playing in them. I am surprised to see 2 or 3. Stop relying on greed and work on the truth - the reality off the game. You are only dreaming and selling dreams but these dreams are ephemeral. You need to show more work because the game is incomplete and broken. Does not PVP require players to play at the same time - - what is up with this noise?

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Vedaju, I agree 100% and so do most people out here.

The point is that DLC and new stuff is ok and needed, but only when the base game is stable and current implemented stuff is working.


Shadoza, I’m sorry if I have offended you.

I never said you are not human. You should take it as a compliment that I gave the impression that you are representing funcom. My intention was not to insult, I’m only being frank and maybe a little bit salty.

As I said before, it is not about the DLC or new content itself, it is about giving higher priority to cash grab DLC when there are main issues. It is about not saying anything about the current state of the game and talking about pets… Seriously? Pets that will works like thralls??? Sigh

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This statement would hold up if your DLC did not come with new issues. The original message was not only talking about DLC, it is also mentioning game expansions. How can you defend working on a pet system and say that the pets will work like the thralls if the thralls don’t even work? How can you defend spewing out paid DLC(again with bugs) when your base game is not working?

You bought an old house and paid the price for a new one, yet you are satisfied? The guys that are now correcting the problem with the foundation are from the same company as the ones who sold you the old house for the price of a new one, who are replacing the floors, painting the bathroom and replacing the counter top. They are giving priority to painting the bathroom and are charging you for that while the foundations are still unstable. You agree because it is not the same people doing the works even tho they are from the same company? I would simply tell them to fix the foundation first… before doing anything else.

When they would tell me that I would be getting a garden shed for free but that it would be build on the same foundations I would not be very exited…

I think you miss the point that they are from the same company, different people with different skills that make up the company that sold you the house. The company who is painting your bathroom which you have to pay while your foundations are still unstable. You agreed to paying the paint works already and even those paint works are not done properly, yet you still defend that same company… I would not…

Consider this, the paint works look awesome. But the paint was supposed to have a function also, it was supposed to be waterproof but they forgot to use that compound in the paint. But yea the walls look great… :slight_smile:

It looks like they are giving us paint jobs when I just want a solid foundation. I do not want more DLCs I want a solid foundation where my friends can party with me. With all the bugs I can only really play single player. I am adventuring alone and learning how to play the game. I bought this game to enjoy the company of other players. Each day is like a slap in the face because my friends will not touch the game based on the poor reviews. The only way to get them to join is if Funcom miraculously finds an elite software engineer that can swiftly edit all the programming. A Harvard graduate would be nice but the cost would be serious. Elder Scroll Blades is coming around the corner and more games are entering the market, there is mass competition here. Thes times are more than serious and it would be logical to hire a programming genius no matter the cost. Time is ticking and Skyrim still shines compared to this game. There is still this stubborn hope that this game might prevail but I am wearing away my emotions on the skin of my nails. If i let go it will be sad but it is better than playing this game alone as a new player.

But CE is fine.


Nice chart comparison.

So many post as to what funcom should and should not be doing.
I dont believe for a second that they well be swayed from whatever plan and schedule they have in regards to the game and its progress.
The gaming industry is as with most things driven by profits and potential profits.
The age of the quick hit is firmly upon the gaming industry and is sad to see.
The end.