No More Paid DLCs!

It is rather arrogant of you to offer paid DLCs when you can not even get the game functioning. You have all given pages of excuses for your incompetence. You have taken a visually beautiful game and crap all over it. Hang your heads in shame! ARK is dying because they thought they could slip it past people. With each new “update” ( and I use this term loosely) the game circles the drain more. There is no point adding new content when it further compromises the game. I am not saying you should stop designing. I am saying fix crap first. That will help you understand better why you keep getting more and more bugs. 1.4 million copies sold huh? Might be due to the false advertising. Big time game reviews based on little to no experience with the game. I do not want to see this game fail! I want to see it become the industry’s standard for survival games. This will never happen so long as the powers that be keep getting impatient and pushing out half assed patches. Use the lump 3’ above your ■■■ for something other than a hat rack. To sum up…STOP ADDING NEW CONTENT IF YOU CANNOT GET THE GAME WORKING PROPERLY!


You really should apologize OP. At the least edit this to be somewhat constructive, if not outright delete this.


Wow you never made a game in your life or crafted anything with your two hands. You should know that the DLC are just an addition to the game and that its the artist that makes them. Why should artist wait for them to fix bug when funcom is still paying them. If they get a theme out then why wait and not get income from it.

I totally agree with the fixing bugs but not at the cost of no DLC. It like asking a bear to fix your car and asking a mechanic to take care of a bear. That would not end well. Fire up dev kit if you want to see if you can fix the crap that you see. and not make more bugs.

They are already on fixing bugs they talk to us about it as often as they can or least what funcom higher up allow them to tell us. Just play a different game there is no excuse for this level of complaint.


I can understand the sentiment though, nobody wants to buy new solid gold hubcaps for their car when they aren’t even sure that the dealerships mechanic will be able to fix it. (The mechanic isn’t responsible for making the hubcaps after all but the hubcaps are useless if the mechanic can’t identify or fix the problem… )

Just in case it wasn’t clear, the hubcaps are DLC in this case. (New DLC won’t fix the game and while they won’t hinder the Devs they won’t make fixes to the game come any faster if at all… )


No matter of how salty I am on the Funcom - the paid DLC are must and it’s I’m totally fine with them…
But… but paid DLCs on working game!
I think they come quite early and often, having on mind of having 2 in less than 2 months, with huge issues on the game itself.

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actually if people bought DLC it give them more money power and more money power mean more hours and may just allow for more hiring of devs to fix bugs. And when people buy more of that product it mean… all im saying at this point is money talks its not one way but a two way street. or four ways ?

That works in theory, until you realize that game manufacturers are companies not altruistic artists who want to have a great product. Instead they want to line their pockets as much as possible and generally do the bare minimum to keep the audience happy for as long as they can milk it.

That being said, there are probably some members of the team that are more altruistic and proud of their designs, and there simply needs to be a balance between the two, is all. DLC isn’t the problem. Not fixing the major issues is. I have my doubts that the DLC will pay for anything other than lining pockets, but who knows?

Contructive criticism is always more useful than raging though, OP!

OP : Just don’t buy DLC

Funcom : You can ignore this


The thing is Artists are mhh Artists and no Bugfixers in most cases, so it will change probably nothing on the time that is needed to fix the bugs, but it generates some extra income for the company.

Also the DLCs are just some extra stuff that is not realy needed and no one is “forced” to buy it. ö.ö

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I’m thoroughly delighted to hear the Aquilonian DLC will be with us in a few weeks…

…nobody is being forced to buy it, and cosmetics don’t impact the mechanics, so why not?

The texture artists wouldn’t be working on bug fixing even if no DLC was being made - if you throw people onto a task that are not expert then they would probably create more problems than they fix.

At least this way we can enjoy more variety while Funcom keep working on the fixes. Simples.

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This basically myself I’d prefer to not start buying some DLC until I’m sure I have a functional game to use said product with… So while I don’t blame the DLC for the games problems I don’t think buying DLC will do much of anything aside from giving them a reason to pump out more DLC. Shame that there isn’t a way to give them some financial incentive to fix things…

With the game in this state i don’t know how anyone could care about DLC. I’m purely not buying it because if i cannot play this game properly, what’s the point?
I’ll buy DLC when i can play a “fully released” and “relatively” bug free game.

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laugh at you! Ha!

I never understand why so many people have an issue with DLC in this game.

They are fixing issues (Although slowly) and DLC does not affect the teams working on the issues.
I like the DLC we just had and I am willing to help support this game by buying the next DLC also.

There have been a lot of bugs but I myself have not run into too many on PS4. That is also why I don’t mind buying DLC as my game is playable (I understand others are not so lucky).
For those that don’t think the game is playable, well just don’t buy the DLC but please stop making posts trying to prevent it.
They will make DLC if they want and post like this most likely aren’t even read by the devs.

For those that have unplayable games I do feel your pain but this kind of post is not going to help anyone.

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I have no issue with paid DLC cosmetic content. BUT, I understand Your frustration, and I think it would be fair ration 3:1 … three DLC’s paid, one free (to ease all the pain we have with the bugs)

If paid DLC is what it takes to keep Funcom working on the game and the DLC has good content I have no problem throwing my money down.

Sure, I do not want to see the game turn into a DLC cash cow, and to be honest I understand their reasons for spamming new payed content, but it’s cosmetics and you are not forced to buy it to enjoy the game. I agree that the new DLC comes way too fast after the first one was released and that they should focus their time and energy on fixing the bugs that plague the game atm, but keep in mind that it’s not only the devs that make these decisions. In fact devs execute the game and the marketing/publisher is what forces these elements on players from a business point of view. We might not like it, but it’s a reality that happens with most gaming companies.

This company is struggling to stay on task, and this is not easy to achieve. Most likely they do require additional funding to get new members in their team and better technology to improve the servers. You have to factor many things in the business equation, specially since this game is uncharted territory and it’s all about trial and error to get to a better result.

Also, keep in mind that DLCs are implemented mostly by the Art department and not by the devs that do the programming and bug fixes on the game. So they are using the right teams for the right jobs!

If you really want to help the devs improve the game, create constructive feedback and not negative ones.

firstly I would say howdy, secondly have you ever coded a game? mistakes do happen the fact of the matter is they are working their ■■■■■ off to fix them so please get off your high horse. thirdly you don’t have to purchase the DLC, and that I would assume is a separate part of the team ie. designers.


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DLC is great, I love the new items. Can’t wait for my gladiator gear to come out, will buy. Hopefully they will be as cheap to craft as the previous items.

We do realize the DLC is purely cosmetic right?

Has nothing to do with actual gameplay or bug fixing, it’s just fun for those who want it and meaningless to those who don’t want it. Nobody needs the DLC to be good or play the game so why would anyone be against it?

It’s like telling any company that makes a shirt with their logo to quit wasting their time and fix their product. Its a means to get funds and give fans something to enjoy, but it hurts nobody. Get over it.