No More Paid DLCs!

OP rages and then quits the conversation. Probably a good idea for a cooling off period.

Several weeks ago, I had a similar vision for what I thought FunCom should be doing – i.e. fix bugs/performance issues before paid DLC content. Although, I was certainly not as enraged as the OP. FunCom provided a reasonable explanation, different teams work on different things. one or more teams works on bugs, while other teams work on art and new content.

Stifling the work product of one department, with content ready for release, because another department is working on a different issue doesn’t seem reasonable.

actually its not fully cosmetic, the heavy armor is the only reason I bought the DLC, it is the only gear with Encumbrance and cold resistance.

You don’t really need a whole lot invested in encumbrance to wear heavy armor and have inventory space in the first place.

Orly? how did you find this out?

Someone in another thread was talking about how the DLC heavy armor seems to have comparable cold protection to silent legion’s heat protection. So this is yet another example of how the cosmetic DLC isn’t cosmetic at all.

Add in the fact that temperature effects have been intensified, which makes the DLC armor even more useful, perhaps even necessary.

Then notice that silent legion has had it’s armor nerfed to values less than the DLC armor and now requires star metal, which oops, is suddently broken.

Then realise that the next DLC is due which will likely feature heat protection heavy armor comparable to silent legion but with better armor and will probably be easier to craft. More P2W.

This leveraging of bugs (if not deliberately creating them), lies about supposedly cosmetic DLC, servers down more than up after the DLC was supposed to help pay for them… it’s all really fascinating stuff.

Except it isn’t.

Not strictly true. The ui needed to be extended to feature the DLC in the feats window. Artists did not do that.
Localisation too, not artists.

Being against DLC in principle is silly, but being against DLC when the underlying game is riddled with bugs is common sense.

False analogy.

It’s more like buying a car, finding out that it doesn’t work properly and the manufacturer saying “hey, we can’t fix your car right now, but buy some fuzzy dice from us for 1/3 the price of the car and in return, we’ll guarantee you exactly nothing with respect to fixing your car”.

As long as people throw money at devs for trival DLC content before devs don’t fix core gameplay, they will have no incentive to fix core gameplay, because it’s not remotely transactional.

By buying the DLC, you perpetuate your own misery with respect to buggy half baked games.

And since the DLC dropped, which was justified partly on the basis that the money would be used to maintain the official servers, servers have been even less reliable. By quite some margin.


I think timing is more the issue here, not the simple fact that paid DLC exists.
If the 500 patch came out and was even 75% functional I don’t think as many would have complained about paid DLC.

Selling a further product before showing a decent effort to fix the first product has turned into a PR nightmare for these guys.

Of course this is also all compacted with the issues of the game being out for this long without proper fixes (especially console) and the fact that a vacation has been announced.
I know the guys need a holiday and I know they deserve one but, announcing like this was a terrible mistake. Perhaps staggering the vacations so that there is still people consistently working would have been a better option here?

All of these things have been done without proper consideration of the customer’s peace of mind that they bought a product that they can be happy with.

I’m sure Funcom is working on the bugs, etc…
What they also need to work on is their PR and procedures.


This is something I can understand.
Quite a ton of things broke when the launch client hit us. Testlive/Live was okayish before, but the launch one broke a lot. However, these are different people working at different stuff. They already told us this much.

Others have stated this already, but it would be really, really nice to be able and look for whatever bug we found to look up wether it’s already in the process to be fixed or not.
Lots of companies dont care about telling the players what is being done at the moment. Nearly no one gives a current state of whatever. Teasers like 3-12 months before the launch of said new content - that is something everyone can put up.

So please create a thread where we players cannot answer, but where you list all the bugs you know of including their current state. If its being known, if its worked on - if its fixed on some internal build or even if the next update will fix it. However, I get how certain serious exploits would be needed to be concealed.
Like places in the world where we can move below the surface, bugs due to which we can dupe or similar.

Read it too late. I agree on that, and tried to say the same - using too many words.

I disagree with this, since the team that creates content is not the same as the bug fix team.

It is also important to create new equipment and mechanics to get more people interested in the game.

Now after saying that i do understand that there should always be a balance to this and that they have to get the core game finished :exploding_head:

They are heading in the right direction but it is important that they focus a little more on the core game :thinking:

Please do remember that they are from Norway and that they are starting there vacation period right now. That means that for the next 3 weeks most of the devs will be on vacation. This is a forced thing in Norway, so they have to :yum:

just a note… what i mean by the core game is that they need to finish the high lvl camps and the dungeons. It would also be nice to see some improvement to the main story line and for the love of Conan make Conan who is standing in Sepermaru hit you face if you hit his Dancers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not even remotely similar, this game isn’t broken. It is playable and above all else this is a sandbox. There is endless “content” based on what the user wants to accomplish.

Is it a finished product like many expected? No, they know it and acknowledged it and are working on bringing our satisfaction up with updates to the core game. You know, the major bug patch coming.

Are there bugs and things to optimize and balance? Absolutely, we know it and they know it. Again this comes back to the updates they have been giving us and discussing in increments. Nevertheless the game isn’t broken to the point where we can’t enjoy it.

The dlc isn’t a blockade for them to fix the bugs, it’s a different department. You can’t go after the detailing crew at that dealership and blame them for how the engine makes a clicking noise. You’re argument isn’t placed in the right direction. They do need to fix the bugs for those being affected, but its not the artists job to do that so let them be.


You won’t fare very well playing with words. What I said was “It doesn’t work properly” and since CE doesn’t work properly, the analogy stands. And now that you’ve bought the DLC and they used that cash to fix core gameplay bugs, we can be happy right? Except of course they didn’t fix core gameplay bugs. They kept ya money though.

Furthermore, a T-shirt is a standalone product that functions independently of anything else. Whereas cosmetic DLC requires the underlying game to at least be accessible because it’s a feature of that game. Many people on my server bought the DLC and then our server was down more than up pretty much ever since. So they couldn’t even enjoy the DLC because it required the game to be accessible and it often wasn’t. DLC that was justified on the basis that it would help pay for servers. Hilarious right?

Another player on my server just quit the game because after they joined my clan, they lost 50 odd thralls, thralls that block their base and that were still not allied with him after this patch which was supposed to fix the problems with joining clans. Broken. He asked for clarification about the nature of the supposed fix (retrospective retroactive or not) and got no response.

Also, see here: Please fix the PurgeConfigTable before you go on holiday
for an example of Funcom tacitly refusing to fix the contents of purges for no reason at all.

They only fixed Crimson lotus powder and the troll tent because I embarrassed them into it (by fixing them myself). But something like functional purges, which they apparently very much want to stay broken, even in the face of ridicule, they still didn’t take 10 minutes to correct those typos before going on holiday. Why?

It’s certainly not because they can’t. It’s not incompetence when your errors are pointed out to you, the solution is provided, and you still refuse to fix it. That’s intent.

As for “not everyone is having troubles” that’s hardly relevant. Broken mechanics don’t stop being broken mechanics just because someone doesn’t complain about them. Nor does the lack of a complaint signify the lack of a problem. The only thing we know about the silent majority is that they are silent.

I’d also point out that there are people who played the free DLC event on testlive who say that the food decay bug and the temp extremes were not in evidence on testlive, so where the hell did they come from?

That right there is very interesting.

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Think your experiencing an entirely different game from me. I do come across a few bugs here and there but the game is very functional, no crashes even if I admin spawn a bunch of random crap to fight, and I don’t see the DLC as necessary for anything other than if I wanted to look different.

Also they commented on the purge issues already. It’s a work in progress with some people having no issues and others having them. Same with many bugs, some people don’t have them others do. It’s not like they walked away from the game and gave up, they are taking a vacation they are entitled to.

Also they have never denied there are bugs and issues in game, there is no “intent” to not fix it. It’s just not as simple as “press here and fix bug 19453252”. Can be salty all you want but you are targeting a department that has nothing to do with bug fixing. I’m sure we’d all love bug fixes asap, but you can’t stop everyone from working on their projects because they came across a bug. You’d get nowhere as a company trying to halt progress like that.

Don’t pretend like fixing bugs are going to be as easy as 10 minutes. I’ve seen bizarre events come from patches that nobody predicted, it happens in video games.


Now I’m not saying that the game isn’t buggy and doesn’t need to be fixed. But I need to point out here that your analogy is flawed.
A car is thousands of dollars and necessary to get around in a safe manor IRL. This game (like every other) is a 30-50 dollar time waster.
The better analogy would be that you saw all these awesome previews for a movie that looked so great and billed your 3 favorite actors, but after paying $15 found out it was horrible and those actors only had a total of 50 sec screen time.
Would the theater refund your money??

I can’t verify this but according to @Barnes the DLC heavy armor has the best cold protection in the game by quite some margin. Temp effects have also been intensified in a recent patch. Is that cosmetic? Having other stats being comparable and one being best in class? (No, it isn’t).

I promise you that everyone is having issues with the mangled artisans in the PurgeConfigTable, exactly because those artisans in PurgeConfigTable are mangled. They commented on the purge issue after I published details of the “typos” in the table. They did not fix them.

The purge waves were also designed to exclude humans at higher difficulties and those waves were preferred with default settings. Why? and why not simply change the difficulty settings on official servers as a quick and easy interim fix? No one ever answers these questions. (Perhaps because they are fundamentally rhetorical).

Pretend? I already fixed the Crimson lotus powder and troll tent of doom in minutes. Both had been repeatedly reported and were only fixed shortly after I detailed the fixes here on the forums.

Another example, people complained for a long time that some of the armorers were missing their flawless recipes. All that was needed to fix them was to add their recipe numbers to the relevent table. It’s not hard, and yet somehow, it took months. They did move some grass from an underwater area though…

Y’know, the steam data leak indicates that Funcom have seen over 30 million in revenue from CE. But they can’t afford to sit a junior dev down to go through the stupid stuff in the tables? (sure, they have fixed some things, now, after the kerfuffle on the forums, but they could have been fixed months ago).

Fixing typos in a single table should not take more than 10 minutes. Someone at Funcom even edited the PurgeConfigTable, zeroing out the building damage modifier in every single purge wave, but somehow, couldn’t correct some typos with search and replace at the same time?

The only thing wrong with them is that the names don’t match the entries in the target table. It’s not some complex piece of software where functions interact with each other in unpredictable ways.

The reason I’m angry is exactly because these bugs are trival to fix. The most charitable explaination for them not being fixed is that they made stupid errors in the first place and then never once tested their own systems before or after release. Which stretches credulity already. But after being told exactly what the errors were, the fact that they still didn’t fix them has nothing to do with incompetence. As I said.

I tell you what, let Funcom shoot me down. Tell everyone how complex this issue is and why you can’t do a search and replace in a text file in minutes to fix the misnamed artisan thrallls. Lets find out. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat Paddy Ashdown’s hat.

It is quite good, and cheap (The reason I bought it. OP cheap but please don’t nerf.). However, on the other extreme I cannot wear it in my base because I will die of heatstroke. =/ not so good in that aspect and I can’t run around warm climates without drinking water or eating ice to cooldown. I can confirm running around frost giants without the need for spiced food or anything like that, in the epic flawless version of the gear, normal flawless not so much. Probably the same as epic flawless Vanir but that is far too expensive to make without starmetal spawning correctly…

DLC is worth the $10 for the cheapness of the gear alone. Bugs intentional? Maybe. It looks pretty cool as well.

Epic flawless imperial 850 armor, +9 encum total, +2 cold resist per piece. It is super heavy though, I believe without stats assigned I’m like 115% encumbered.

Another OP aspect perhaps, any named thrall can craft epic flawless versions.

Weapons pretty dope as well, flawless still need starmetal though. I think two hander gets 66dmg with mod, pretty comparable to Telith’s Sorrow but without the need for a heart.


You’ll have to take my word for it that each piece gets two ticks, @science. But here they are, and like cyrus, I adore every doggone piece they published in this set. I know that makes me seem silly, but I guess I’m just a sucker for this game. :smiley:


Some pretty dope decorations for your base in the pack too.


Perhaps they were, but changing them when the best mitigation comes from “cosmetic” DLC doesn’t look very good at all.

Please provide details of the artisan thralls you have seen from regions where the artisans are misnamed?

(I have the latest dev kit installled and it updated today as far as I can tell).

Which issues would you like me to fix, specifically? Since it’s apparently my job as a customer to fix their game for them.

Yeah, and the fact that they didn’t fix them for months and fixed them all of a quickness after I published details was purely a coincidence. Still, without verifiable metrics, we will never know.

You misrepresent my position. I don’t object to DLC at all. What I object to is DLC shipped before core gameplay bugs are fixed (For obvious reasons) and DLC that is sold as cosmetic, when it isn’t.

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I wasn’t leaning on the criticality of the purchase. A game is obviously just a game. In that sense, in terms of proportion, I would agree.

But there’s a difference between some PR slight of hand implying significant screen time and software that does not function properly. (Althought to be fair, if it was implied that the actors were starring rather than co-starring or merely featuring as cameos, then yeah, I think false advertising applies and refunds would be due)

Many of the issues in CE perrtain to core gameplay though.

A former clan mate just left the game because not only did he lose 40~ thralls when joining my clan, not only was he expecting a fix for this (as advertised), not only was he ignored when he asked for clarifcation on the scope of the fix, but after the latest patch, he logged in to find a bunch of his stations missing and their contents and thralls gone.

His large and well designed base was rendered useless by neutral thralls blocking doorways and areas. All that time spent building wasted. And then he lost some of his crafter thralls too.

These are not trivial or tertiary issues. Core gameplay elements are broken. Some of the cosmetic DLC isn’t cosmetic at all.

Even worse, my old server has been down more than up since the DLC dropped, a DLC that was justified on the basis that it would help to maintain the official servers.

Some people on that server bought the DLC, but couldn’t even enjoy it to any extent because their server was rarely available. And what have Funcom done to remedy the issue with all the DLC money they wanted to maintain servers?

Even then, my complaint is not that bugs exist. No one who has ever written a line of code would begrudge developers bugs. But when fixing some of these things is embarrassingly trivial and yet it still doesn’t get done, even when people point out exactly what’s wrong and how simple it is to fix, and when there are financial benefits to not fixing them, this isn’t imcompetence. This is anti-consumer bs.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that all contributers to a thread were obliged to agree with the OP.

Sure, you’ve never lost gear logging in naked. You’ve never lost thralls when joining a clan. Your base never collapsed because of pointless changes to stability. You’ve never lost stations and gear when they vanished. You’ve never not been able to build because of floating orphaned thralls. You’ve never been unable to craft something because no one bothered to add some numbers to a table. You’ve never waited and waited and waited for functional purges that were never functional to begin with. You’ve never had all your orbs wiped (twice), you’ve never farmed hundreds of useless legendary weapons because legendary thralls are basicallly unavailable.

That’s great for you and because you never experienced all these things, somehow, by some feat of tortured logic, no one else did.


I can’t fix these issues because funcom hasn’t implemented the fiixes and like many others, playing on private servers is not a viable option. But congratulations on not answering the question asked.,

Right. Because search and replace is HARD. Much hard. So very hardyness. When HARDzerg attacks!

Anyway, I’ll leave it to the other people in this thread to decide if you answered my specific questions with specific answers. In that respect, conspicuous by it’s absence was your response to my question about which purge artisan thralls you’d seen that were misnamed in the table. Since you took the time to tell everyone that you “weren’t having these issues”.

My favorite quote from this forum thread:

Almost all of the arguments against future DLCs until core game is patched up ignore the simple fact that FunCom has different teams working on different things. There is a team (or teams) working to fix the bugs. There is a team (or teams) working on new content.

Similar to others posting in this forum, the server I am playing on (PS4-PvE-Rented) has some minor glitches and occasional performance/latency problems. These add up to nothing more than annoyances. While I want the glitches and performance issues fixed, I also want the DLC and other new content as I am able to play the game and enjoy it in its current state. The server I play on has approximately 23-25 players, and I believe most of them feel the same as me.

If I leave the game, it will not be because of the bugs (at least in its current state on PS4), it will be because of a lack of new content keeping me interested.

As a business, FunCom must balance our differing perspectives in an attempt to hold on to all of us. From what I can see, they are at least attempting to do this by working on bugs and new content at the same time.