No More Paid DLCs!


The focus of the thread is “No More Paid DLCs”
I am saying DLCs are fine. I am not seeing any game-breaking bugs and I continue to enjoy playing the game. Why should the DLCs be held back until “everyone” is happy when that is never going to happen. I purchased the DLC, I have no advantage over those that did not. There is a Perk that removes the temperatures from the game play so one does not need to purchase the DLC to gain protection from harsh conditions. So it is a cosmetic.

I will leave the bug fixing to Funcom. I was suggesting that you fix the bugs that you are finding issues with. Then, you can be happy with the game too.

A consumer can suggest how a bug can be fixed; however, Funcom has to make sure that the fixes for a bug does not cause issues elsewhere, so it takes them longer to apply them.


I’m sorry. I didn’t realise that all contributers to a thread were obliged to agree with the OP.

Sure, you’ve never lost gear logging in naked. You’ve never lost thralls when joining a clan. Your base never collapsed because of pointless changes to stability. You’ve never lost stations and gear when they vanished. You’ve never not been able to build because of floating orphaned thralls. You’ve never been unable to craft something because no one bothered to add some numbers to a table. You’ve never waited and waited and waited for functional purges that were never functional to begin with. You’ve never had all your orbs wiped (twice), you’ve never farmed hundreds of useless legendary weapons because legendary thralls are basicallly unavailable.

That’s great for you and because you never experienced all these things, somehow, by some feat of tortured logic, no one else did.


I can’t fix these issues because funcom hasn’t implemented the fiixes and like many others, playing on private servers is not a viable option. But congratulations on not answering the question asked.,

Right. Because search and replace is HARD. Much hard. So very hardyness. When HARDzerg attacks!

Anyway, I’ll leave it to the other people in this thread to decide if you answered my specific questions with specific answers. In that respect, conspicuous by it’s absence was your response to my question about which purge artisan thralls you’d seen that were misnamed in the table. Since you took the time to tell everyone that you “weren’t having these issues”.


I do feel blessed.
I am not saying that no one else experienced the issues. I am saying that not “everyone” has issues. There is the difference.

It’s always good to allow people to form their own opinion.


My favorite quote from this forum thread:

Almost all of the arguments against future DLCs until core game is patched up ignore the simple fact that FunCom has different teams working on different things. There is a team (or teams) working to fix the bugs. There is a team (or teams) working on new content.

Similar to others posting in this forum, the server I am playing on (PS4-PvE-Rented) has some minor glitches and occasional performance/latency problems. These add up to nothing more than annoyances. While I want the glitches and performance issues fixed, I also want the DLC and other new content as I am able to play the game and enjoy it in its current state. The server I play on has approximately 23-25 players, and I believe most of them feel the same as me.

If I leave the game, it will not be because of the bugs (at least in its current state on PS4), it will be because of a lack of new content keeping me interested.

As a business, FunCom must balance our differing perspectives in an attempt to hold on to all of us. From what I can see, they are at least attempting to do this by working on bugs and new content at the same time.


I play mostly on PC and I have noticed a couple glitches. I, too, find them to be nothing more than annoyances…sometimes, I even find them as a moment of interest and they move on. (not even annoying.) I feel that some players find more glitches because they are looking for them.

While I usually leave a game for the same reasons, I will also leave if the focus of new content is leaning too hard on group play or PvP. Balancing for all is very important.


I think anyone wanting DLC to be stopped is simply living in their own selfish mind and nothing more. The temperature effect of the new dlc armor and intensifying the temperature effects on official servers was an oversight at best, and not one that cannot be worked around in the meantime. Also as cyrusthevirus pointed out it’s not an armor set that everyone cares to use based on where they set up base.

There will always be something to balance/patch/remove, it’s a natural effect for games. If anything its a good thing because it means people still play the game and bring these discussions up with the dev’s (who do read these forums). That by no means stop all projects because group X is experiencing an issue (intended or not). I haven’t purchased the first DLC but I probably will get the aquilian one. Partly because I like the theme and partly because its to support the developers to keep up the work.


You said:

I asked you to verify this with specifics and you obviously did not do so.

Since those thralls are misnamed in the tables, everyone is in fact having those issues. But I do admire your willingness to admit to your mistakes. /s

And providing evidence to back up your claims certainly helps in that regard.


More generalisations that certainly look like good old fashioned shilling, since when pressed, the arguments melt like icecream in the sun.

Oversight or not (and I highly doubt that it was, given all the other stuff going on), we cannot prove one way or another, and by incessantly giving them the benefit of the doubt, you provide cover for unscrupulous developers to shaft their customers.

They could have reverted the changes to the temps OR normalised the “cosmetic” DLC armor so that it was no longer best in class. They did neither. That’s intent.

If a company can make money from cosmetic DLC without fixing even the trival bugs in core gameplay that have been explicitly pointed out to them, they will continue to do so.

By promoting DLC before core gameplay, you are promoting anti-consumer bs and doing all gamers everywhere a disservice.


At the end of the argument: the DLCs are optional. No one is forced to purchase it to continue playing the game. Since the consumer can decided for themselves whether to purchase the DLC or not, there is no wrong being committed.


They said it was cosmetic, and it isn’t.


I can’t wait for the new DLC. I will enjoy it , my kids will enjoy it, and anyone they trade with will enjoy it. I will keep supporting the entertainment I value.


They said multiple things about Khitan DLC unfortunately, talking out of both sides of their mouth. When announced, they said it would be cosmetic, but that the gear would have stats on par with iron and star metal. The also said you are not buying power, i.e. there was still better stuff in game. Initial star metal tier stats were actually better than star metal gear in terms of damage output. However, there was still obsidian, dragonbone, and telith items that were better. However, after some people complained, they nerfed the stats down to basically hardened steel tier. Even more people complained, and now they have, or will be, bringing the stats up to actually be on par with star metal as advertised.

So, no, they did not just say it was cosmetic. But, Khitan DLC was announced in an ambiguous fashion. They should have been more clear: DLC building stuff is cosmetic, but DLC gear is on par with pre-existing gear.

They seem to have learned how to communicate better. For example, in announcing the jewel of the west DLC, they have stated:

"Jewel of the West Pack contains:

  • 39 new Aquilonian building pieces: A full set of building pieces with the same stats as existing tier three.
  • 15 new armor pieces in three sets, such as the Black Dragon armor: Light, medium and heavy sets with an epic end-game version of each.
  • 9 new weapons in one Aquilonian weapon set: Same power as iron weapons with an epic end-game version of each weapon.
  • 5 new Aquilonian warpaints: Decorative warpaints symbolizing, for example, rule and bravery.
  • 25 new placeables, such as the harp and councilor chair, craftable in the Aquilonian Artisan station.

All the new content from Aquilonia is exclusive to this DLC. The new items do not give any in-game advantage in power, as all items have comparable stats to existing items."

(See (emphasis added))


that’s why I didn’t buy the dlc not spending a dime on a broking game lost several vaults the other day i was raiding blew a 2nd floor down and had a floating vault in the air nothing holding it up but we have vaults just disappearing just ******* weird




And who’s doing the fixing of the animations?

Who has to add all the “artist” DLC items to the game code?

Who has to assign the items the proper stats?

Who has to test to make sure all the items are functioning properly ingame?

Sure, they can say the artists create them… because they do, but it still requires other people to test and implement, and animators will be working on the new items instead of the base game (like the ‘minor update’ for combat talked about over a month ago.)

Fact is, they’ve only released paid DLC since that blog post, and they’re talking about more paid DLC. The July 5 patch was completely devoid of anything they mentioned. They can’t even get something as simple as the right-click hold bow functionality changed in a month of development time, when it used to function that way!

If they can’t improve the base game, they shouldn’t be releasing paid DLC.


Not really. They have just learned to communicate more ambiguously.

The Khitan heavy armor (not sure about the others, I don’t own the DLC but might buy it just to verify), has vastly superior cold protection to anything else and so is not comparable to anything.

And yet irrespective of the words they are using now, the implications of those words are that DLC does not provide advantage. (Tbh, I don’t now nor did I ever care much about sub 60 gear since if the fights aren’t equal in the first place, your odds aren’t good anyway, but certainly, it wouldn’t have been hard to offer identical drop in replacements for other gear in every respect in in the first instance. In fact, it’s technically harder to do anything more.

Also, since SL was over nerfed for no reason at all, it leaves space for the Aquilonian heavy armor to have comparable heat protection to SL, whilst being demonstrably superior in pretty much every other respect.

That being the case (as I’ve already mentioned in another thread), the best armors in the game applicable to the most lucrative areas in the game (hot and cold) would only be obtainable by buying the DLC.

And again, fixing the stats on some non DLC gear to eliminate that advantage is the opposite of hard. They still didn’t do that though, did they.

We’ll see what they do with the next DLC, but certainly, Khitan heavy armor is hardly comparable to non DLC armor and since they could have reverted either the changes to temps or the cold protection on the armor and did neither that’s intent, not incompetence.

And still we don’t have a plausible explanation for why they couldn’t correct some typos in a table, or pad out the waves to include humans (and so the artisans everyone wants), or change the server defaults so that lower difficulty waves spawn, or do likewise to set the min number of online players required for a purge.

It still doesn’t reasonable explain why thye needed to “stabilse” a testlive patch for weeks, run a blink and you’d miss it free DLC event to promote testing and then between the end of that test and the rollout, suddenly manage to add critical bugs affecting the decay, or demonstrating the changes to heat.

All of this reeks.


I wouldn’t go that far tbh, although I share the underlying sentiment. What angers me is that they seem to me to be leveraging bugs to herd people like sheep and maximise profits.

I came into CE with a fairly high opinion of Funcom, although I didn’t know much about them. (I liked Dreamfall and TSW).

When it became apparent after looking in the dev kit that the tea boy could fix some of this stuff, that they have been offering vague excuses about “looking into things” and that “fixes will arrive in a future patch” for months, when even a single test run or examing the tables would have thrown the errors into sharp relief, that’s when I became angry.

And since I contacted them privately offering to help with the PCT but they both refused and made no attempt to ask me what I understood about the nature of the problem, I concluded that they don’t want it fixed, since nothing else makes sense.

And since not fixing these things has all kinds of financial benefits (since they already have our money and running official servers costs them money), that conclusion has added weight.

I don’t expect pristine bug free software. I don’t expect free content. I do expect developers of a product that I bought to fix simple bugs in core gameplay when made aware of them. I also expect developers selling cosmetic DLC to provide it.

(and no, the idea that they just boosted the stats on the DLC door by mistake makes no sense at all given that the most efficient way to construct DLC is to copy comparable items and only change what needs to be changed. It’s not like checking what the values should have been is even remotely hard either).


They already said that simply reinstating the right click to hold shot on bow change wasn’t possible because it was a victim of the combat update and how their attacks worked. They have owned up and said they are working to bring it back. It is, as you already pointed out, involved in many departments and not something they can do with a click.


adding the dlc item is as easy as walking down the street and buying a pie. The artist can do that themselves, In fact if you look closely their DLC cosmetic stuff are just reuse of the existing ones. Like they can add as much item as they like the Item data table handles all of that for them and its the parent of that blueprint that controls what each item does. Like they do not develop new idea rather they take existing idea and reshape it.

Do download Dev kit and you will understand what i mean.


Even so, I fail to see where making money off of DLC provides a financial incentive to invest resources into developing anything that isn’t more DLC. (As in we aren’t convinced that the resources acquired through the sale of DLC will be invested into anything other than making more DLC. The major fear is that they’re just gonna pay the artists to pump out DLC and milk that until the game dies as opposed to paying the Devs to keep the game alive as keeping the game alive isn’t as lucrative as milking the DLCs.)