Please fix the PurgeConfigTable before you go on holiday

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [Here]

There are typos and omissions in the PurgeConfigTable.

Purge_Votariess_Artisan should be Purge_Votaries_Artisan
Purge_LostTribes_Artisan should be Purge_LostTribe_Artisan
Purge_Lemurians_Artisan should be Purge_Lemurian_Artisan
Purge_BlackHandPiratess_Artisan should be Purge_BlackHandPirates_Artisan
Purge_HeirsToTheNorths_Artisan should be Purge_HeirsToTheNorth_Artisan

There are also no Human waves with a difficulty threshold of 5 or 6 (and the official servers are set to 6)
Come Some judicious copy and paste would fix that too.

The dev kit updated earlier but these extremely trivial and easy to fix issues are not addressed.
For some reason.

I offered to help you fix these privately but no one was interested. I was told that the dev who designed the system had some changes that had not yet been pushed to testlive. Several Testlive patches and one Live patch later, nothing.

I don’t even know what to say anymore.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Holy moly this thread is golden in so many ways I cannot even express all of it in human language.


Here’s an idea, if anyone cares about actually functioning purges, keep bumping this thread with replies.

How do they affect the purge? Like if we have wrong entry like

does this fail the Purge completely or simply not spawning said artisan, while Purge wave itself spawns just fine? BTW if Purge_Lemurians_Artisan type includes Derceto priests I guess we will not get them (read “no Derceto avatars for you”) till September :sweat_smile:

Like with any code, if there are typos in a line the line gets ignored by the game client. That’s it. So in this particular case it means no lemurian purges for you cuz client cant read this line. And it seems it is ignoring quite a lot.

These “errors” ensure that crafter thralls (the one’s that would give players the black/white dyes, legendary repair kits and more) never spawn in those regions.

The lack of human waves with difficulty 5 and 6 coupled with the difficulty setting of 6 on official servers means that the chances of getting human waves at all is very low in most places. (I don’t currently know how the difficulty setting corresponds to the wave selection atm as it may be server side). And even if you get them, there are no crafter thralls because of the other bug.

So, if they wanted to keep people dangling around waiting for the cool end game stuff (perhaps until the DLC rollout has completed), this is a great way of doing it.

Else they designed waves without Humans, preferred them with official server settings, made hilarious errors and then never once tested any of it before or after launch, even after I contacted them privately.

You choose which you think is more likely.

I found a derketo archpriest today and had her fall through the mesh. Also I caught ketmet the whisperer at the same spawn and is a named priest. Assuming she is a t4 derketo priest. Official PvP server at the new spawn points at the pleasure palace.

Talking about purges, hun.

You are sort of right. This isn’t code as such. These are database tables and when you query a database for something that doesn’t exist, you just get no results.

These tables can be exported as text files (CSV, JSON) then a simple search and replace would have fixed these “mistakes” in minutes.

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Sounds like a generalization to me. I was just informing you that indeed you can get them at other places now.

Derkheto priests were added to some static spawn pools recently. This has nothing to do with purges, and whilst their inclusion is welcome, it doesn’t change the fact that the tea boy could have added them months ago in minutes.

You need to think long and hard about the implications of that before you submit your eternal gratitude to Funcom for “fixing” things.

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Uhm, @Tascha you might want to look at this issue :hugs:

It should be easy to fix, unless this is your way of disabling it for some other reason?

Yesterday I’v triggered my first ever Purge on the official server (set to purge strength lvl 6, if they haven’t change that). My shack under the aqueduct in the tundra area was attacked by bunch of naked Nordeheimers (are they considered HeirsToTheNorth?). But there was

among the attackers. And this makes me believe you are right.

Now I can confirm this

Well, as I said, I don’t know how the difficulty setting corresponds to the wave selection as it’s probably server side. If they have improved the purge eligibility critera (finally) then that’s good, but if the rest is still bork, what use is it?

The thing is, if they never do anything, they can be accused of doing nothing. As soon as they do anything, people will leap to their defense and the opaque nature of the development process takes care of the rest.

The devil is in the details and few people pay attention these days.

I enjoyed CE in spite of the bugs and only installed the dev kit to try and help Funcom out. When realised how and why many things were broken, enthusiasm turned to anger.

This is anti-consumer bs at it’s worst imo.


I’d say it’s more an issue of the approach then anti-consumerism. Excuse my English, its not my mother tongue, but here where I come from we have a saying that would mean “eh, it’ll do”. Like the codes are done, you can read them and see them, who cares if they are broken. Or just simple inattentiveness of the employee in charge (which seems to be the most probable case here)

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Having a background with Europeans … in Europeans … by Europeans I’m partially with @Solry

40 years in maths, tables and remming – all the esses pointed out by science are clearly being used as remarks.

So I present to you the Peanut Butter Cup of answers. No one has a solution. The Purge is just meh. People didn’t want Husks in Fortnite, they wanted other players. Obviously. So Joel (I’m dowsing here) said to his team “aight mates go soak yer heeds and come back with a Puuhge that doesn’t make me herl.” And now his team is off paddleboating or Amsterdamming or whatever. All the while we’re working on speculative solutions and it’s been purposefully remmed because the Purge just isn’t good enough. (Dammit.) Again, summoning Joel.

Why do you say “enjoyed,” science? I suspect you might be a lot of fun to play with.

Look, the old incompetence or malice thing has some merit. But, when made aware of core gameplay issues that are easy to fix, why would they not fix them if it were merely incompetence? Seriously, why?

CE follows a buy to own + cosmetic DLC model. Once they have your money, the longer they have to keep official servers open, the more of their profits they lose. That’s just a fact. There is a clear financial incentive.

They say they can’t afford to moderate official servers. Ok. They give us no verifiable metrics to prove that, but lets take that as given. Why then does the ignore function not work? Why is there no static word filter (censor)? neither of these things requires ongoing moderation or development work to any degree, yet without them, many people have been subjected to appalling abuse.

The solution? Private servers.

Trivial (to fix) bugs are not fixed for months.

The solution? Private servers.

Imo, they have our money and want us to go away by making official servers as unappealing as possible.

I bought an online game though. From Funcom.

The situation with the purges is different. If people can access all the end game stuff and experience purges, they might well be done with the game and leave. By trickling out bug fixes, they could stall for time as people hang around well past the lifetime of the game waiting for the product they paid for to actually work. And return to check out fixes if they leave. In this way they keep people dangling long enough for the DLC rollout to complete.

Occam’s razor: Professional developers make staggeringly unlikely “mistakes” and design choices and then never test the results even after everyone complains things are broken. OR, smart ruthless people choose the most profitable approach in order to maximise returns.

I know what I think.

It’s not as if respected corporations weren’t caught cheating before. Volkswagon with their rigged emissions tests, Intel with rigged benchmarks etc.

The game is broken. I’ve been waiting for them to fix it. And waiting. And waiting.
I can’t defend my base from a purge if there’s no purge.
I can’t optimise a dual purpose Attack/Subdue strategy for dealing with different purge types if there’s no purge.
I can’t make good use of my legendary weapons if I can’t repair them.
I can’t prance around posing in white silent legion armor if I can’t aquire white dyes.
My server has also been down more than up since the DLC dropped (A DLC that was justified partly on the basis of covering server costs…).
I’ve not really played for while.
I’d like to though.

You couldn’t pay me to debate you, Barnes. I’m a lazy autodidact with the disposition of a magpie and the memory of a goldfish.

And if pity for your intellectual inferiors doesn’t stay your hand, I’d like to point out that I have to duck to walk through doorways, and it’s not because I live in a dolls house. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well as far as censoring and whatnot goes, I dont really care. Im an adult and couldnt care less what other ppl say to or about me or anyone else, or groups of ppl or whatever. Let the special snowflakes get triggired it is entertaining to watch from the sides to say the least. So moderating isnt really an issue.

The bugs, tho, are. And tbh your vision seems a bit too “illuminati”, you know. I am working in gaming industry myself, and tho internal stuff mostly is “personal” to each company, the general notion is the same. You want profit, revenue, whatever. In order to get it you need satisfied customers, and no grand schemes let you have customers when your product is not satisfying them. You lose them over that.

It is most likely incompetence thing.

I meant gaming, Mr Highscraper. Playing with words is for tyrants. :smiley:

Thralls have just about made me stop for now. All my production DBs are backed up, my Kraft Shop is closed and all the personnel are parked in safety. I lost too many during PVP, at times when it was crucial to my survival. And now they are all falling through the floors. That’s my sad tale.