After 7 months of purges not working properly, isn't it time for a manual trigger for officials?


Dear @Tascha,

I hope I may have you lend me your ear; No worries, this is nothing confrontational. Just a sincere request.

I have played official servers for 7 month now, and am enjoying it, despite the griefing. I don’t intend to quit anytime soon.

My request is that after hoping for purges to spawn crafter thralls in the last 7 months without success, this is starting to wear on me, especially now that purges don’t even work.

What worries me is, even if your valiant boys and gals were to fix the purges, the purge tables are still broken.

I have already built a purge base in the noob river down south with the sole purpose of attracting exiled faction purges, because this is the only reliable purge for crafters, but I know it’s going to be an incredibly rare occurance for that to happen because

  1. I have bases at the volcano and mounds. They get hit more often by purges, even though it should be random.
  2. I have public maprooms everywhere.
  3. Purges are broken right now (even if they were to be fixed)

If purge tables were fixed, and votaries or forgotten clan crafters would actually spawn reliably, that’d be the best thing ever, for a veteran like me.

I feel it’s fair to say that after 7 months of official, I may hope for a fair chance on a legendary crafter.

If possible, please consider adding a purge lure of some sort for triggering purges manually, so that Funcom may have the time they need to properly fix purges, while letting us enjoy the most important said feature of Conan Exiles PvE.

I feel purges on official right now require a special sort of patience that is unprecedented in gaming history, even by EverQuest standards, to handle.

Thank you for your time.


Above all, it’s time to change the triggering mechanic.

Please MAKE THE PURGE TRIGGER 100% when the meter is full.


over the last few weeks i’ve seen my purge meter crawl up to about 10%… then crawl down again to 0%… now its crawled back up to 10%.

Active 2 player clan on official server, on every day, very active in all areas that are suppose to increase the purge level. The purge was broken before the pets update, now it seems like the broken purge is now broken… please please please can you fix one of the KEY elements to this game.

i would also like to second the ‘pure lure’ request !

The meter can go full when your offline though. Do you want the purge to happen when the player is online only or is offline also possible and does it have to be during purge hours?

According to Jens, that’s not how it’s supposed to work, though. And supposedly it won’t happen anymore. Once they fix the Purge to happen at all, that is.

Yes, if your playing solo that might be the case. But if your offline crafting it can happen.
But what about when your playing in a clan?

I also like the idea for a purge lure. I like the idea to trigger a purge on one of my bases and see how the well that base holds up. Maybe adding a feature to have the difficulty of the purge scale up with your level or the average lvl in your clan.

Can it? As I understand it, the crafting doesn’t even actually happen while you’re offline, it just simulates it by speeding through all the crafting that WOULD have happened when you come back online. What effect, if any, that has on the Purge meter, I don’t know. I don’t think anyone (outside of Funcom) really know, since the new system has changed the rules, yet it’s currently broken so it’s hard to tell which parts are working as intended and which aren’t.

No change that I can see? If someone from your clan is online, then your clan counts as online. If they’re not, it’s the same whether single or clanned up.

But for the record, I absolutely support @Halcyon’s suggestion. I, too, have built a “Purge lure” in one of the areas known to attract human purges, but that’s actually much more meta gameplay than I like. Not that it does me any good currently, since I managed exactly one Purge there before the system came crashing down :slight_smile:

Eventhough i 'd of course prefer to deal with purges when i’m online, i am for offline purge if the AI does his job 100% of the time, which is definitely not the case currently :disappointed_relieved:

And by saying "when the purge meter is full i mean REALLY FULL. i Don’t think there is a need for 2 different possible purge trigger phases like we have right now with the 75% meter full and the 100% meter full.
Let’s skip the 75% purge meter phase and make only purge trigger when the bar is full to 100% and when it does it should happen guaranteed for the clan who has just reached it.
Things would be much clearer for everyone this way imo and everyone would be sure to experience purges as well (assuming you keep an eye on your purge meter OFC)

My purge meter goes to about 10% then after the daily restart it goes back to 0. But I guess it is what it is, until they decide to fix it.

Please fix this soon FC it’s been way too long.


I really dont understand Funcom, Purges should be on TOP of their priorities/todo list! It is the ONLY endgame content this game has and it has NEVER worked!!

Purges are the only thing keep most lvl 60 (PvE) players playing. Building bases, gathering resources, gathering thralls, equiping thralls… all this for only one purpose, Purges. And they have simply never worked!

So many players have already quit out of boredom or frustration, because they cant never get it working.


I’m already in maintenance mode, purely breeding gold veined rocknoses and scoffing at all the dick-structures that Fotzenschlecker of a Griefer has been building around my base, while waiting for Fallout 76 on Oct 30th, and ARK: Extinction on November 6th…

God knows I wanna buy Red Dead Redemption 2 today.

Part of me has kinda seen the purge mechanics breakdown as a blessing in disguise, because it means I can ignore CE without fear of purges for other things.

The Halloween event is probably the only thing still keeping CE alive, considering it has the chance of dropping legendary repair kits (bandaid for purges not working) and black and white dye.

But what happens after that… I can tell you: Everyone will be in maintenance mode as long as the purge system is broken. Alot of people came back for pets… what do you think is gonna happen once Extinction launches, ESPECIALLY since they also implemented a purge system!

In the end people will need to choose between Extinction and CE. I for one choose CE, cuz it has bouncy bossoms and nudity by default. Something only Norway has the balls to do - Makes me proud to be EU.

But I’ll be playing Fallout 76 because it is more conducive to be played alongside CE, cuz when u log out on F76, your personal base logs out with you. Good for purge days on CE. Oh…wait…


I would settle for a fix instead of manual trigger, it strikes me that you are demanding manual triggers instead of simply asking them fix it… It speaks volumes about the expectations of the community towards Funcom’s ability to fix something.



Funcom’s overwhelmed, so I want a solution that works while they are overwhelmed in the meantime.

They keep on working on other things for release, but purge is always like a little side-project that they keep deeming as “working as intended”.

So i’m calling for a solution that REALLY works, and not “maybe works” or “works in a controlled environment, so it’s not broken.”

I mean… How hard is it to update a purge table? Modders do it with ease.

Let’s put it this way.

How long did it take them to fix Njoror Battleborn?

Much of the reason behind it is cuz “He’s rare” … so they thought players were just being impatient twats.

Well guess what - Purges are also rare as hell.

They’ll certainly dismiss the lack of Skelos and Heirs of the North crafters down to “the players are just not doing it right.”

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I agree 100%. This should be the top priority for Funcom right now. People are leaving the servers because there are no purges. Fact is, purge was working ok to me (was being purged twice a week) before they messed it up a couple weeks ago (God knows why). Now there are no purges whatsoever.
Fix This Funcom!

You must have been lucky.
For us (= me and my clan) purge never really worked.

Eighter the last wave was the only one spawning - and on top of the maproom. (First wave has a chance for special thralls as it seemed prior to launch client.) Or it mostly came when we were offline.

Especially since there are only t4 alchemists found in the north + volcano.
I really dont like farming those camps. New asagarth got only one exit. The other one seems okayish at first.

Though I would like each big city having a chance for every crafter thrall at t4 lvl.

I would like a lure as well.
Make it a 48 hour queue. And then it hits. Maybe include that into the altars - if that makes any sense at all.

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That’s actually a really good point Shadoza. Probably the primary point why this isn’t a thing yet.

I think it’d be fairest if the lure isn’t a thrown object, but a horn that one blows into, and the purge targets one of your buildings randomly, and it has a 48 hour cooldown… this way people can choose the times when they want to get purged, so they can go out for a movie in the evening with friends instead of being on purge-watch.

and also “though I would like each city having a chance for every crafter thrall at t4 lvl.” (yes, can’t quote spoilers it seems) would be nice. If that were a thing, they can take all the time in the world to fix purges :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh btw. I forgot to add:
our purgebar is working perfectly on 1200 (slowly going up); however on 1152 it seems to be stuck at 0.

We started a lil more than a week ago on that server.
Probably a compatibility issue? With older saves not working correctly?
Just a muggle guessing again. :wink:

I just read this first part of the sentence and your post gained my like.
I really dont understand Funcom either, basic things that are broken since release are still there untouched after something like 60-70 GB of “patches” ?
Something extremely easy to fix you’d think, bloody screen and half health on login in, heavy breathing loop, nudity settings not applied…at this point I think it’s on purpose to keep us posting on the forum…
If they are unable to fix those silly things in 6 months, I really doubt something more complex like the purge would ever work.

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