Please, save the game!

I doubt people are leaving the game because of bugs or so…

People are leaving this game due to several reasons, the biggest are the Alpha Tribes:

The game has fairly very little to do, and once you hit lvl 60, have done the bosses and have built an unraidable fortress what else is there to do? Well making millions of bombs and perform daily raids on people who don’t have superfortresses thus meaning that the time will come that those people will give up and stop playing making servers near empty and if it’s empty there is even less stuff to do !!! Especially in consoles since there is no global chat.

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They certainly don’t leave the game because of bugs only, but it definitely plays a role in their decision.
All people i know who have left the game left it for 2 main reasons:

-the bugs are annoying frustrating
-It was about time they went to something newer, an other game.

you can also note that the more players are leaving the less enjoyable your experience will be for online servers. So even more players are quiting because of this, and i agree it’s part of a normal process that will inevitably happen with every game but because of the players who left when they felt frustrated, this process is simply even more amplified.


The DLC is a skin pack. Other games have done this before and labeled them DLC. I don’t see what the complaint is about.

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“The Art Team presents: The Jewels of the West item pack”

Problem solved.


probably because they are 10 bucks untested and come with more bugs thay are worth 2/3 bucks at the most

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How 'bout the “Buy it or Don’t” Pack? People complained when the last one had buff doors, now Funcom appears to have erred on the side of nerf, and people complain about the polish. It never fails! :smiley:


Having no global chat on consoles so lack of communication really does hit it hard. It would promote politics in the game, more teaming up, selling items etc.

I know people that have quit the game due to bugs as well as it got fairly tiring when their base kept being wiped by offline purges. At least when a player wipes your base you can fight back but when funcom does it there’s no option.

Barnes, I like your positivity but common, the armours have no stats… where did you read in this topic that people complain about polish? People complain about the flawed DLC and other changes like pets which are givin priority over core mechanics like thralls and pruge. How can they talk about pets and say they will work like thralls if the thralls don’t even work? Pets and DLC are very welcome, once the core mechanics work, that is all people are saying.

This thread started okay but turned into more teeth-gnashing about the same thing. We already have 3+ topics about this matter, please focus it in one thread: