Not playing this game EVER

I cannot believe this effing game had a nice base plenty of goodies and finally killed the undead dragon. So when i went to menu screen to view event log game lagged and i double pressed x. Thing is it didnt goto event screen it went to recreate character. I lost everything. Never will i play this game agsin bye bye


This is actually something I questioned when I saw that create recreate. It like every other game should have required you to type in your characters name to delete. Its an industry standard and has been for 20 years.

Sorry you got burned.


You could just run back to where your old base was and pick up all your goodies as your base will be in decay status and you can demolish it.

Sucks that you’d have to re-build and re-level but it doesn’t take much time to get back up to max level. Going to 40 is a breeze.

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I find this kind of odd as I am always fighting to keep myself from restarting from scratch.


Hate to see you quit, if you want help rebuilding, hit me up you can join up with a bunch of us on a private server.

It is pretty haphazard that remove bracer is right next to re-create character.

That perma-death button needs to be behind a “break glass” case with a nuclear key ignition.


Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Felicia

It IS a pretty terrible design, let’s be honest.


Yes, among many other blatant designs this game contains.
I have been close to do what the Op described countless times, due to game stuttering mainly.
I just wonder how things so obvious, like this one, or like the one-week perma-blue light forced on people eyes, cannot be considered at all by developers and publisher before release.
Is like they never actually played their game.

The most worrying thing is that they are utterly convinced they are extremely good at their job, and all the people pointing out incredible game flaws, are nutcase instead.

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I don’t think they do one of the mods here asked me to explain and give them information with sources on how bad blue light is for your health. I wanted to be like why don’t you just go play the game that you mod a forum for and experience it first hand … It’s like the mod had no idea …

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That is downright terrible if that’s really happening!

@ honoraryorange We get it already

Each player’s experience with the game is different. I might not experience eyestrain and headaches to the same extent that you do, for example. Or I might experience it at all.

The reason we ask for more information in cases like this, is to verify whether or not this is limited to edge cases. Nicole asked for more information and you provided, which is great, and several other people chimed in with their opinions and experiences in the thread you made. :slight_smile: That really helps us out and we’ll take all of it to heart for when we plan future events.


damn thats all on you…
if you like the rest of us are tried of unfinished games,
spitting out DLC then i would have understood

@Jens_Erik , just i question
why do you guys act like the forums make a difference ?

I’ve seen countless thread and bug list regarding Thralls,
I’ve also seen no changes, no “real” fixes ,other some statements, but no actual difference

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Thanks for the response. Maybe next time it will be more thought out. Honestly I’d rather no events and that time would be better spent fixing core mechanics of the game like duplication, performance, God’s, ai, undermesh building etc… Maybe if these were fixed I would actually purchase the DLC and enjoy the events…

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I think that’s where many players are. Waiting for a game to be stable and fixed, at least to an acceptable degree, where core mechanics work and fashion comes later (or through mods as it is now). I said it Long time ago, not spending anything else until the product purchased works as intended, then I would consider getting all and every dlc or whatever comes.


The forum matters because it allows us to connect with our community and collect their feedback on the game. We can collect a lot of feedback from several players at once and then report it back to the dev team. It also allows the community members to connect with each other and share experiences, screenshots, videos, etc :slight_smile:

Numerous bugs and issues have been fixed because players posted about them on the forums and because we were able to quickly collect information about what could be the potential cause of these bugs.

There’s also the matter of priority. Do we focus on an issue that was introduced because of a new patch or a “legacy bug” that has been around for a bit? We try to do both, but sometimes the immediate issues are prioritized, so the legacy bugs (which we know we need to fix) get pushed down. Some of the legacy bugs are also more complex than more recent issues, potentially requiring more dev/coder time than something else.

Yes, we can always do better, and we recognize that.


@Jens_Erik well if that is the case why not make a poll?

because since release, myself and many members of the community
have been asking for the same thing, and that is Fixes for the thralls

I’m busy compiling a list of comments regarding thralls, because its seems like you have overlooked this completely :thinking: