This game has proven to be a massive waste of time and effort. Main base is just gone

So I started a new job a couple of weeks ago and my Exiles time has been pretty limited lately, but I still managed to wander around to all of my bases as to TRY not to lose them to the STUPID ruin system. So I hadn’t meandered over to my main and original base in a few days and tonight I get around to it and pretty much everything is gone!
Of course this is where I had stored the majority of my acquired items including Keys to legendary chests, my gold and silver reserves, and several thralls, weapons, and other resources that I spent countless hours acquiring. This is unacceptable and I guess I’m pretty much done with this piece of crap game. I see no reason to put forth the effort to acquire all of this, build all of this, when it can just be whisked away by a stupid and shortsighted ruin system that was never even explained or even outlined.
I had thralls dying since the inception of the feeding system, even though I kept my thrall pots filled regularly. I lost parts of bases due to purges, 90% of which I was not even online to defend against. But my main base was built upon a mesa and purges were not able to destroy the most important parts of it. My bridge (that is normally damaged in purges) was still intact, walls around the base were still intact, but the actual base with all of my storage and crafting stations, is just gone.

This was hours upon hours of exploration, building and repair, collection, hunting. religious zeal, etc. all gone to waste due to what has to be the stupidest and most unfair aspect of any game I have ever played, the ruin system. What’s even worse, the stupid event log no longer specifies that I lost something to the ruin system. It doesn’t specify what I lose anything to. It just tells me blah blah blah blah “destroyed by”, and that’s all.

I should have known better than to even try to enjoy this game. What the hell are people supposed to do? Not work? Never take a vacation, move to a new home or change ISPs? I’m so sick of game developers expecting people to dedicate their entire lives to a game, just to try and keep up and/or be competitive. I still just can’t believe it. I’m so aggravated that I wish the terrorists would just win.

I’m so glad I never purchased any DLC for this piece of crap and I will never purchase another product from these clowns that decided this ruin system crap was a good idea. The dang thing could have at least been explained, on the dang server somewhere, at some point. I could understand had I just not signed in or played in a couple weeks or so, but in just a few days? Absolutely ridiculous! I’ve never even seen more than 12-15 on a 40 person server so I don’t understand why such a short time period to go into ruin is necessary.

Congratulations, I now associate this game and company with other bottom feeding morons like EA. Now I have to contemplate whether I ever want to play this game again. But I guess I had better decide in the next 24-48 hours, or this stupid game might just ROB me of every other effort that I’ve made on it.

Makes me sick.


I UNDERSTAND THAT IS WHY we got our own server can turn off the dumb shop. Gotta work have a life. If you are interested ps4 server WYRM,S BANE check it out or psn sestus2009

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There was a thread with a poll Decay Timer on Official Servers - POLL - YOUR VOTE NOW

85% of players voted for min 10 days, Thread was live from 17th Aug to 5th Oct, not 1 reply from Funcom in the thread.

Reaction of Funcom last week = “we will increase the Decay timer by 1 day”… lol… no not a joke, I’m serious.


yea I ended up getting my own server also the public server are full of hacking

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I appreciate the offer to join your server sestus. I just don’t think that I want to start all over again. And, 1 day is not any kind of real extension. I don’t know for sure if there is any hacking on #3517, but there is definitely a group of punk jerks that try to block everything off. They have obelisks and important passage ways blocked all over the map. I reported this to Funcom but the issue has never been resolved.

What’s really crazy, is that I have foundations and walls that were meant to be temporary, that are still in existence. But my main base, with all of my good stuff, is gone suddenly. It wouldn’t surprise me if those jerkoffs tore it down somehow.

#3517 hasn’t even been showing up in the server lists for a few weeks and that’s never been fixed, so nothing surprises me at this point. I really don’t think I want to start a new server from square 1. It’s just not right to basically nullify dozens of hours of gameplay (work). So, by starting again, I feel like that’s pretty much accepting such a Robbery as normal and then rewarding the makers by purchasing any DLC is basically saying that I’m ok with that.

That’s not to mention the countless bugs and glitches that I’ve gave them a pass on because I really liked the game. It’s just a shame that such a great concept has gone to waste, if not just ‘RUINED’

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We have boosted xp and such working on a arena and starter packages for new players just up another 6months griefers won’t last not to buggy other than Halloween

Honestly, I think the 1 day increase was related more to a common misconception (one that I’ve heard repeated by streamers, etc.) People understood that their base would decay in a week. All well and good, a week is easy to remember, etc. What they didn’t understand is that their buildings would actually go into an abandoned state a day earlier, and could be demolished before the “7 days” they had in their head actually elapsed.

Personally, I’ve seen members of a clan login to the server and (apparently) try to refresh their bases on that 7th day. And what they logged into was all of their stuff either gone or collapsed. I talked to one guy who didn’t understand why, when he logged into refresh his building, all his doors were gone along with all of his chests and crafting stations. I had to explain to him that he was a day late, it had gone into an abandoned state and someone just looted everything but didn’t bother to demolish the base itself. Needless to say, he was … displeased.

Oh I’m sure the scumbags in Truth Clan (#3517) didn’t waste any time destroying and looting my base. Just another reason to not want to play. There’s dudes like that, probably had their heads stuck in too many toilets growing up, trying to hinder other player’s progress by building around obelisks and other important areas/things on an OFFICIAL PvE server. And Funcom just allows this to take place with no warning or reprimand.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of low-life one has to be to grief people I a PvE server.

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You are aware of the fact, that you could have just made friends in the game and invite them to your clan :wink: that would be the NORMAL way to play. But yeah I guess it’s much better to just ignore the decay timer and cry in the forum instead. And it is impossible that you lost only a part of your base to the decay timer.

I have to disagree with you there. Because of game mechanics and the (extremely) limited permissions systems that are in place, just “make friends and invite them into your clan” is just asking to get screwed to the post by strangers.

I’ve written about this elsewhere, but the way CE is designed, inviting someone you do not personally know in real life is like walking on the street of a city, handing a stranger the keys to your house and telling them they’re welcome to do whatever they want inside. On official servers, there is zero accountability for someone who joins your clan, loots everything they can and then destroys your buildings at 2am while you’re offline, asleep.


Another reason to have your own server got completely trashed on another server they killed 60to70 thralls and animals in an hour plus looted every thing but thrall pots had to have dumped alot just so we did not have it that is petty punk a…

Not to entice hostility BUT Coach that was GREAT

I have three clans on three different servers and never had any problem. You just don’t get the concept of making a friend.

What do you mean by “there is no decay timer in the game”. Of course there is - I guess that you are just a straight up noob and/or blind. How do you think that people check on their buildings…

currently the only way to actually see the decay timer is to have a repair hammer equipped and look at your buildings and craft stations to see the timer, however the problem is they only show it in the hours:minutes:seconds format so you would have to do the math yourself

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