Ruin system broke

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I logged in to server 3735 last night only to find I had lost my house and everything in it. Another 2 tribe mates had the eame thing, where a third tribe mates house was fine, along with elevators and stairs we made to get up cliffs. I looked at the event log, and it said it was the ruin system, I had just logged on on Sunday, so it was right at 3 days and I lost everything. How is it possible that the 2 people that are on the most lost everything, and the one thats on the least still has all his s**t?
Also, my shrine, fish traps and treb are still there. Very frustrating Funcom.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Bigger the base the longer the decay time minimum is 49hrs

The base that is still standing is half the size mine was, and stairs leading up to our elevators disappeared, but the platform and elevators are still there, one of the other bases that disappeared was twice the size of mine, I don’t think the timers are working correctly.

Oh well that’s just weird sorry to hear.

Offical server 3026 got hit too, 95% of my base got lost, only map room and altar was left when i logged in after 2days, nothing on log so no purge.

I just decided screw it, I might come back in a few months and see how it’s going, I’m not going to put anymore time into it right now, I lost everything I had since launch, and that’s alot of resources and building. Maybe in a few months they will have their stuff together, but until then, I’m just going to play the other 20 games I haven’t finished lol.

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I spent a ridiculous amount of time on 3517 making my base. I logged in today and 75% of it was just gone. I’m with everyone else, I just can’t anymore on ps4. I’ll wait and hope in the future they fix this game because I actually do enjoy it.

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