Worst freaking experience ever

I have never been so disappointed in my whole life with a game, after hours exploring servers and finding one in which I was able to build a base with my friends, we took the effort of actually doing it and spent weeks creating our fortress.

After coming back from vacation (not even 2 weeks), we discovered astonished that all our efforts were in vain, as our amazing fortress was sent to the void.

Spending weeks playing the freaking game despite the major-minor bugs you encounter in every step because you think the game has “potential”, just to discover that all you have done since it was released simply banishes out of nothing does not have any reasonable explanation.

Honestly, paying 50€ for a game, playing it for months and then discover this kind of f**ery makes me (and my colleagues) feel scammed.

I have been playing online games for a while now and I never encountered such a massive piece if s**t experience in my whole life.

Uninstalling the game right away, you guys had a nice idea but this is simply ridiculous in a game after it has been launched in full, I have seen beta and even alfa games with more stability than this.

Shame on you Funcom, shame on you…


When you guys started playing, you knew about decay system right?

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Who’s to say whether or not the decay system was enabled in the server the OP played in? After nearly three months post release, he’s not wrong. This game’s a mess. Look at the Steam charts. When you go from a nearly 50K player peak to under 19K in less than two months, you’re not doing something right.
And, yes, a lot of people are feeling scammed out of their money; myself included. It’s about expecting a released game to function properly, plain and simple. If all of Funcom had real jobs, they’d have all been fired by now.


I agree op is not wrong to be unsatisfied, but blaming the decay system does not make him get any credibility because this is an easy info you get at the very first levels if not even before character creation.

Now, about the lack of respect with its costumers by not “finishing” doing what needs to be done in the game I agree conpletely, they do improvements but its waaaay too slow, the game may not survive because new ones with the same genre are comming out.

Unfortunately, this doesnt aplly to FC devs, but their boss,Funcom CEO or whoever pulling the strings on that company doesnt give a sh*t about costumers.

Bylos and the rest of the team must not care much of what ppl think about them because if dont discuss this with their boss, the pride of their game are “non existant”.


The OP suggested that it was the decay system that wiped out their buildings but it’s not clearly stated what the actual cause was.

I honestly can’t say that there is anything in game that informs you about the decay system. If there is, I missed it on each character I’ve played. I only knew about it from dev chats and the forums. So it’s possible the OP and friends didn’t know about it. If they did and didn’t maintain their bases while on vacation, then there’s nothing to complain about.


Sorry you lost your base dude. Did you at least have months of fun building up that awesome base? Why not take the loss as a fresh start to build a new, better, more interesting base? That could be fun, right?


I spent so much time and effort but I couldn’t be bothered to find out how decay works reeeee I have been scammed :smirk: gimme a break. Or purge for that matter. I am not saying the op does not have a right to be pissed … at him or herself that is.

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I can sympathose with the OP on this one. All that time spend building and then have it all wiped out without explanation is not what most people would call fun.

The official servers aren’t the best places to be tbh. Actually, right now, I can’t think of a single good reason to use one. Regardless of the bugs, the default settings used on the decay system are ridiculous. They’re actually telling people who have a life outside of gaming to not bother playing.

In the same vein, the purge enourages people not to log in alone for fear of triggering more unwanted damage and you can’t really turn it off because they’ve attached unique named thralls to it. A more crazy idea I have yet to see.


How would the purge encourage people not to log in? You can get purged while offline… do you play the game?

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same disappointment here, will never buy anything from Funcom again


Same here, Funcom is really the worse company I’ve ever played a game from. They don’t care about their player base more than at all… It’s mind breaking how many bugs are after the game was released out of early access for months and nobody fixes them for months. I will never ever buy anything else from this company and more will do the same if you check the steam charts and comments that went from 50k people on at it’s peak and mostly positive comments to less than 12k and mixed comments! Great way to go FUNCOM!


I sympathize with the OP, and while i hate to agree with Funcom on anything since my AoC days, the decay system is a catch-22 type of thing. On one hand, you have some players looking to exploit everything and anything. On a pve server that means idiots building in places to block other players from paths, resources, etc. There’s one server where some morons build ‘roads’ all over the place, claiming half the building areas of the official server. And on the other hand there’s the decay system that is suppose to combat this stupidity.

Not sure how they can combat this on a pve-style server without a decay system. Pvp servers have their own brand of moronic idiots. In the end though, its the player base that ultimately destroys these games, as a developer cannot 100% code out griefers, morons and idiots who have to exploit anything and everything without resrticting the game for real players (like putting a ‘build limit’ or something like that)

That being said, a private server would probably be worse in this regard, unless you own/control the server. I’ve been on quite a few, and many admins will either cheat or wipe the server on a whim, and there goes all your work again.


Damn! I have been working on my fortress for days now, I am playing single player. Am I screwed or does this decay only happen on PVP servers? How does 1 avoid this decay?
Thanks a lot ahead of time for your response.

In solo/single player you can turn decay off in the server settings.

Just get in there and build it again, it will take you less than half the time the second time around.

One of the problem with this game is lack of information for newcomers.

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It’s supposed to be that way. Part of the point of the game. omg

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