I can not play PVP server with this decay system


My stuffs was gone and with help of the community I understand the problem. I’ve really enjoyed playing this game when I bought it May 27th. I scared the slow progression, but the game is good and I keep playing it. I learn how to play, how to build and I thought the Connan Exile was amazing. I built a great base, I decorated it and put a lot of thralls. However I had to travel. I lost everything! I cann’t believe it yet. Nothing left over to tell the history. I’m so upset, so frustrate.

I understand that the decay system have to exist, but only 6 days? I still think the game have to separe the gamer who stopped for who had to go out a little time. I truly don’t know what to do. I really like the game, but I’m feeling for taking the CD and break for don’t play anymore. :rage:

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Hi there,

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Decay system is really too short, it would make more sense being 30 days to help casual solo players.


I aggree, this Decay System sucks at it’s state. No idea who thought wiping after 6 days is a good idea. And even more, after the latest patches the Decay System is so aggressiv that we lost 3 sub-bases and no they were big enough with Wheel and map room and yes we were online on every single day.

I mean there are and were plenty of Bugs in this game since early Access start, but this is definitly BS. I suggest go back into early Access, such unfinished products can only happen in the gaming Industry…

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It should be two weeks maximum. A month is too much in my opinion,but most people take week long vacations. It SHOULD be 2 weeks,and that is the safest bet!


On my vacations, I always travel. On December I’m going to go to Geogia spending a month. I don’t know what to do yet. If I don’t get a tribe, I’ll have to teach my housekeeper how to play it for taking care my base… hahahahahaha. But six days is inaccessible and unbelievable.

I believe maybe should be a processional decay time. Things built by only stone and wood should be a week, stuffs built by iron reinforcement, shaped wood and bricks should two week, and building built by steel reinforcement and hardened brick should be a month. It’s logical and we “gain” more Decay Time by “hard work”. It’s not easy build at this game. Yesterday I only prepared to build. I built a Furnace for iron and bricks, and things like that, I spent a long time gathering all again, but what I truly wanted to do is doing an adventure around the world, but this is not possible for a naked woman. Unless It is very fun game, when I was gathering I found my first thrall in the air, flying for who want to see him. Very nice things like that made me keep playing it. I really like him, He is Darfari level 3 Warrior, I gave him my first leather armor and my first iron daggers. We’ve passed for too many things, and he still there until the bug kill him (I know that someday it is gonna happen :sweat:). I lost so many thrall by no-reason.

I suggest too a little safe box without decay time, for players could rebuilding without many problems. A little box wouldn’t disturb anyone. The vault should have a long decay time too.

Yeastday my base was attacked by gorilas. Ten of them. They destroyed everything I had done this week. I don’t complain about the gorilas’s attack, it should be amazing if I had a base. I complain the decay time. If my old base hadn’t gone I would have a chance. The attack was desproporcional for what I had done. I am not a kid, I cann’t be there every single day. Ps. The game warmed me the Cimmerian’s Attack, but ten gorilas showed up. :no_mouth:
Now I’m naked again on the desert :expressionless:

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