Worst freaking experience with a game ever

Game mode:[Online
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Europe

I have never been so disappointed in my whole life with a game, after hours exploring servers and finding one in which I was able to build a base with my friends, we took the effort of actually doing it and spent weeks creating our fortress.

After coming back from vacation (not even 2 weeks), we discovered astonished that all our efforts were in vain, as our amazing fortress was sent to the void.

Spending weeks playing the freaking game despite the major-minor bugs you encounter in every step because you thing the game has “potential”, just to discover that all you have done since it was released simply banishes out of nothing does not have any reasonable explanation.

Honestly, paying 50€ for a game, playing it for months and then discover this kind of f**ery makes me (and my colleagues) feel scammed.

I have been playing online games for a while now and I never encountered such a massive piece if s**t experience in my whole life.

Uninstalling the game right away, you guys had a nice idea but this is simply ridiculous in a game after it has been launched in full, I have seen beta and even alfa games with more stability than this.

Shame on you Funcom, shame on you…


I am sorry for your frustrating experience with CE and I fully understand your reasons. Just like you, I also stopped playing and uninstalled the game from my system because the game “convinced” me to do so. The reasons may vary, but the consequences are predictable when the player is unfairly hampered by “n” factors, if it is the case. Each player has his limit.

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Sorry But There is thousand of people here that play since day one and post ALL these gamebreaking issues, so i guess u should have knowed about It before start to playing (assuming that u are a New player). I already quit the game about 3 weeks now because of ALL these problems u stated and more that u cant even think. I think New players like u should read the fórum before falling in the same trap we “old” players had falled for u, só dont feel like You havent bem warned.

Not that it will alleviate your frustration but there is an explanation. You said you were on vacation for 2 weeks and unfortunately the decay timer is roughly 5 days, thats a full building with walls ceiling and a door, smaller structures simple stand alone foundation are considerably less to prevent trolling.