Possible the worst launch ive been with!

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Tips and trix like - Clean up your console, clear out storage on console or broken console. has already been tested.

De F Funcom?! 40 euro for a Pc-version and 50 euro on the console and youre releasing it like this!?This massive unpolished game youre releasing with huge LAGS that you cant even drag you weapon before it starts to lag like sputnik did!!

Didnt you test this game before you released it or do you actually think that you really can play with lag spikes down to 1-2 fps is acceptable in combat?!?

Overall the game is great (But still alot of problems and issues) but all these massive lag spikes is driving me nuts!


Yep funcom just though f it let’s release it untested. Buggiest mess I’ve seen in a while and that from a company being in for decades


I can’t believe that Sony and Microsoft allowed it to release in the state it is. They must have been given a different version to certify or the QA is non existent.

I will say that me and my friends love the game, but these frame rate dips are killing the experience.

Let’s hope there is a fix in the works.


Actually, not getting Nothing for saying this, but the launch went pretty smoothly. I compare this to Ark. I have a great net connection and a props4. Even with having been out for a while it’s lag, in even semi populated zones, makes the game unplayable.
This game is smooth considering all its trying to do. There are glitches, no doubt. But unless you guys are bots/trolls then your full of bs that this is the ‘worst launch eva eva.’. No hate. But sit down,


this is pretty average of a launch for the genre, and the way they rushed out more and more servers was great. but the fact that there is a massive lag spike every 20minutes or so, im assuming when the server is saving is alone game ruining on some level, and the fact that voice chat doesn’t work. its been like 2 days now and as far as ive seen the devs haven’t even said theyre working on these issues yet. all the other glitches are minor enough that you can just avoid them until theyre fixed, but the lag spikes will end you. its the cause of the vast majority of my deaths and im on a pvp server. and the fact that theres no text chat, or voice chat further ruins the experience

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I can’t even play the game now. Only loading screen ( solo offline ) tryed for 2 days to play now!!

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I agree with you SDO, much better compared to the trash release that Ark was. I am quite enjoying the game and I am hoping the devs release another patch soon.

I don’t think your playing the same game as us so far I’ve experienced 3 game breaking glitches and bugs not counting the massive list of smaller ones which I can look past but my PS4 won’t even show any servers on the server list and NO it’s not my connection I play others games with no issues and even when or if it does manage to find a server (which is rare) it’s either full or It loses connection when logging in also just moments ago I finally got into a server and was crafting sandstone walls and and my character reverted to level 1 stuff that you start with just got to level 25 so I had plenty of stuff in my crafting list before it decided to do that so restarted my game and now im refreshing over and over hopeing the server I was in shows and isn’t full which probably won’t happen

I have the issue of servers not showing up. If I could i would get a refund

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I wouldnt get a refund cause when I actually get into a server I enjoy the game alot just wish the fixing process would go faster

I believe they said one of the worst they have experienced and in some time, i never read anyone here say worst ever.
Both Conan and Ark had a great Full release if you look in the way of all servers were full across multiple regions, and both had bugs and glitches at Launch, unfortunately in Arks case all this time out of early access and loads of bugs exist still, but on those maps your dealing with thousands upon thousands of dinos/tames and babies, even PC officials on mega pcs lag still but smooth once out of everyones builds.

Conan seems to lag everywhere on the map even just out in the lands with no buildings around and the corpse bug thats happening to lots of people will diminish all motivation to bother to explore or even continuing to play the game in its current version, least if you died in Ark you 99% of the time can find your body if others don’t loot you first, in Conan two times now in Pve my body was not where i died, although map death marker indicates otherwise.
Not to rag on this game too much though as i am really enjoying the experience (PvE solo), but the constant gear loss from bugged corpse death is killing it a bit for me, lag i can deal with in moderation, i play Ark also:(

And from what i read on this site so far it seems they are listening and there is time to fix and improve more things with updates instead of Arks 20gb audio update that done nothing:D

I only really wanted to say the first sentence sorry but i can get carried away, peace be with you fellow gamer.


im having no issues ever since last patch on ps4 apart from voice chat


Not mentioning the messy talents menù (I cant even reach them all, they do not appear on character list).
Or the truncheon not working (I’m playing on Ps4) as intended: it kills instead of stunning, so no slave in any way.
Damn many deep bugs. I love the mood and the atmosphere of the game, but damn… it is not playable on PS4.
(Bought on Day 1, not even the promised atlantean sword inside but armor °_°).
Really, was the game ready to be launched? (I’m palying solo offline, not interested in the rest)

Iv had several major problems. See the thing is thes broken copys are only getting rolled out to half the biyers its wierd. Dont dismiss us because you aint us.

i dismiss you because every day there is someone who complains about something; issues that are being adressed. Once one problem is solved, many of you still arent happy and complain about something new.

Majority of the problems are minor and it can be frustrating to face them, which may make them seem major.

I dont understand what you expect from a game that just had its launch across multiple systems for many builds with new content.

There is a reason why some people wait after launch before buying. Perhaps “technichal issues” is one of em?


You should not act like it’s normal for a full priced game to have tons of bugs like a beta game.
If people would not complain then the devs would not know about the bugs.
What people expect from a full priced game is a game that has been finished. A game is to enjoy and not to frustrate people.
It’s good to know the devs are working on fixes and I personaly have alot of faith in them but they need to know about the bugs ofcourse.
The game has alot of potential.


a lot of the same bugs and glitches are still in the game since day one launch , not to mention the exploits. rather then fix the issues, all they did was cover it over with a work around. no big surprise there just strap your selves in because not going to get worse just like before the ping and region blocks went in. we already got exploiters, and people building under the map.

I dismiss you because everyday since EA the same issues have never been properly fixed, and people keep using EA as a excuse. now the excuse is it just released. Minor problems that break the game are not minor, minor to you maybe but i can take a minor bug or glitch and turn it around and use it against you 100x over. to me and 30 others that i talk to there is no difference between EA and release except the content.

Of course some people have to defend the glorious game development these days. Bringing up even worse releases as example.
All you do is trying to justify companies making easy profit on all of us.
I bought this game because I like the concept. But this is a full release not a testversion and for this it has a awful quality.
I am here complaining because these problems will stay with this game forever. It’s not like they would want to fix this, because then they would have fixed the access to outside the map years ago… But they’re not even able to fix all these bugs, the quality is too bad and would require a rewrite of tons of base functionalities. While maintaining 3 different platforms now.
There are problems so gamebreaking and obvious that either the QA team been sleeping or the management just and only cares for the quick money.
Sale numbers and full servers don’t reflect any quality on new products in the gaming industry.

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I couldn’t agree more with your opinion on the modern video game industry but I really hope this time you are wrong and that the devs surprise us with their love for their creative work.