Very horrible game play

Game mode: [Online | pve
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: america

Your game rivals the divison 2 with crap mechanics and laggy game play. Let’s start off nice.
Climbing. Getting stuck while going over small ledges. Not able to climb over the top of rock ledges or building tops. Not able to grab rock face half the times and dying from it.
Now the not so nice.
Freaking combat. Being rolled back into a fight after rolling away from it. And dying cause your legged. Some how bleeds don’t stack right cause some hits don’t register either due to combat lag or they just past through nics. Trying to use a healing item and dying cause it lags you. Distance being closed in combat even after having a massive lead on getting away. Some enimes hit like I am not even wearing armor. Also lags when hit so impossible to roll away. Enimes killed or knocked out freakin swallowed into the ground and can’t retrieve them if knocked out or loot if killed. Over all disconnect issues out the ■■■. All of this on the official servers. I’ve gone into 4 diffrent ones and nearly same problems found. Please fix this I don’t want to hate this game.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.log in in combat
3.climb stuff

Is your router firmware up to date, have you restarted it? Have you followed Sony’s troubleshooting guide to making sure the PS4 is not having an issue with its network connectivity? Is it a PS4 Pro?

Yes I’ve done all that

What region official are you trying to connect to?


5 of us online last night reported server each of us from diffrent states and using diffrent routers and providers.

Well, was on PS4 last night to play in a 10v10 tribal war. And had no issues with dc or lag. Did you have anything open or running in the background on your PS4? Were you using party chat?

Party chat yes but it happens with or with out chat running

Traded my old ps4 in for a new ps4 and have no issues

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Hello @WillT, thank you for getting in touch!

Although we do appreciate your feedback, we’re aware of some of the issues you’ve mentioned as they’ve been previously reported. In the future please open a single topic per issue and refer to the topic below for further insight on how to properly submit a report:

Regarding the disconnection problems you’re having, we’ll need more information such as servers where it happens, the ping you get to them, whether you’re over a wired or wireless netowrk, your region and your isp.

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