Lost 14 months worth of building, gear and materials

the recent bug of “authentication failed” cost me over a year of buildings, materials and gear on my current server.

i left to go on vacation for a week, was cutting it close with the decay timer but made it back with about a half day to spare. then i cant get into the server for 2 days. my base decayed before they extended the timer because of the issue.

i literally had a 10k piece base and a storage system that consisted of over 100 chests smack full of everything imaginable. ALL Gone!

over a year on this server and several years total of playing. IM DONE! that’s all that can be said. ill never play another funcom game again. years of my life and so much work, for what?


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Guess you could troll the OP for their anger at Funcoms slow response. Or you could just not bother to reply at all.

Eh, to each their own I guess.


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