Base has completely disappeared

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oceania PVE / PVE-C

I loged in today after few days and I was respawned on the desert. I died few seconds after, I dind’t know why exactly, but the game didn’t give me the option to return to my bed or bedroll.

I walked until my base and when I arrived in the location, it has completely disappeared just a Planter was left behind.

The official PVE servers don’t have the possibility to destroy constructions. Why I lost everything?

Decay time is usally 144 hours(about 6 days), and even in pve, people can destroy your decayed home. I think you log and fall because you was in your house, it’s not a bug.

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If it was on an offical pve server it could have been wiped out by a purge

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Really? I spent days to build my base and I just away for few days on holiday and lost everything.

I chose a PVE server because I didn’t want to lose my construction. I understand that has to have a system to take care the abandoned constructions, but six days is a short time.

And also, where are the information about the decay time? I tried to find it on the server description and in-game as well, but I didn’t find nothing.

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On PVE server the construction should not take damage at all.

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You can find decay time with Repair Hammer. Usally on pve it’s better to join a little clan to avoid decay time. It’s not a “damage”, The purge it’s a PVE damage only occurs if you are online, but it’s a “remove abandoned building” to free space and avoid server lag. If you don’t like to be in a clan, you have to play solo/coop or a non official server with long decay time.


Search state of decay 2, with that you won’t have this problem anymore

This could be a bug. I’ve lost my base twice in the last week from decay on an Oceanic PVE server. I was last online last Tuesday where I rebuilt my base. I logged on last night to check on it and everything was again gone. If Funcom reads this, please extend or fix the building decay timer.

I play every day, and played last night all was well. after the patch today june 6, I logged in and all my stuff and base is gone hours and hours of crafting collecting gone!!

So let me get this straight. Lets say I build a house and I exit the game normally. Then I don’t play the game for 3-4 days. I log back into my offline singleplayer server and I may or may not have my house be there anymore due to a “decay timer”??? What exactly does this decay timer do? I know I have I decay timer on some food items, but buildings, items, etc???

The decay timer for buildings will remove the building pieces when the decay timer expires. This is to help keep the server clean from ‘abandoned’ buildings to allow resources to spawn, prevent server lag, and allow others to build in the area.

I have lost an entire building, but it was not the decay timer.

I logged over several days and built the beginnings of a base. I logged in the next day and everything except for my campfire was missing. It was an official PvE server. It was not decay. It was not a Purge.

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So if it wasn’t decay or a purge than that’s not good at all. I just don’t understand it. I can probably understand a public Pve or PvP server, but my buildings/items should not just disappear when I’m playing singleplayer offline.

My assumption is that PC players don’t experience this as i watch streamers with massive bases and when I ask questions about losing items they always reply that they have not. I’m seriously confused and getting more pissed by the day that nobody from Funcom will respond with anything other than generic bullsh*t.

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Players also have the option to demolish decayed structures (e.g. long press x on another player’s building), though I am unsure if the decay timer needs to be fully depleted before that option becomes avilable.

“pissed”? …you and me both.

Have you heard anything from any Dev, Mod, anybody on this and other items disappearing???

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Base has completely disappeared 1

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Your base won’t decay on singleplayer as the ‘server’ isn’t running while you are offline. Building decay only occurs when you have not loaded the buildings and the server has run for 144 hours without you or a clan member loading/using those buildings. It is also an option on private servers I believe to change the decay period. Official is 144 hours to keep clutter down from people who start then quit.

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Thanks Tanky. Now I just need to figure out how to turn off “items dropped at death” in the settings as I heard that can be done.

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