Everything disappeared

First let me say im a new ps4 player and loving the game so far. I been playing on an official pve server and logged back on after a couple days to find everything but what was on my immediate person gone. My house all.my furniture and crafting stations. My boxes of stockpiled items. Even my bed marker on the map had dissappeared. I tried logging off and logging back on to see if it but nothing. All. That hard work lost. Is there anything i can do

Did you stay away for more than 6 days? If yes, then maybe the decay system that removes the buildings of players that left the game has removed your structures. Your belongings would then be on the ground in lootbags, but those vanish in less than 30 minutes, I believe.

Can you have a look at the event log?

I was gone barely 2 days

Did you build on foundations? I am not sure how the decay system works in 100% Detail, but i know that if you build on bare land (without foundations) the decay timer is way shorter as 6 days.

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