Stress instead of fun

damn spoiled game, full of defects, you take a long time to evolve a bad battle Caiio to the maximum level and then he will touch a wall to die because he doesn’t even defend himself from the enemy’s attack, not to mention the construction bugs, you they offer us a building package to make our games more beautiful but I don’t fix those boring bugs that prevent us from building or that keep us floating like idiots in space, not to mention the hecatomb bugs where enemies are born underground and don’t come out from below, is this game in beta?

I just had a rant and I am joining you in your rant. Yes I float around my base too I’ve done more moonwalking than Niel Armstrong in Conan lol my toon has run waist deep in Argossean flooring aswell. It seems like lazy developers but what do we know we just play the game right!


Run out of render distance and back again and you won’t float anymore.

Have you bothered to report any of the bugs you’re experiencing or are you not interested in having them fixed just happy to come in and stamp your feet?

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Thanks for that tip but this isn’t how we should play especially when I’ve paid for these DLC’s but I’ll use that tip for now at least thank you

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I’m not only interested in getting in and stomping my feet, this was just an outburst from someone who enters this game to have fun after a stressful day at work and loses several minutes and sometimes even h releasing and revoking the game to try to have a little stability and getting around the bugs, which obviously didn’t start today or start with me, but from your post I can understand what’s most important to you, between producing a wonderful game like this or just making more and more money

What’s most important to me is getting the bugs the attention they need by reporting them properly. I don’t care how money funcom makes :man_shrugging: That doesn’t affect me at all. Report the bugs you experience in the proper fashion, the more people that do this instead of just ranting, the better chance we have of getting the bugs fixed. Simple.


Yeah I know we shouldn’t have to keep finding all these workarounds. This bug ain’t going anywhere though it still happens on ps5 even. Not as often but it still happens.

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I do understand how it feels and I believe @Darkzombie too . It is , frustration , desperation , tiredness etc … We agree , we need a better game , because we love it , we have spent thousands hours on it and we want to spend more , but don’t forget , we need new content too , you too . I know that right now you feel that you would sacrifice the new content before all the bugs were fixed , still these bugs has an in game solution and at the end , bugs became part of the game :rofl::rofl::rofl: , so they don’t bother some of us anymore :woman_shrugging:t3: .

Do you know how much I want my Bella to sleep in the damn Derketo bed and not in a rag on the floor because every time I log in after server restart I gain damage ?

Do you know how much I want to have clean fights and not spawn fights ?

Do you know …

I can keep it going for hours typing of issues , yet I guess YOU DO KNOW , WE ALL DO :rofl::rofl::rofl: .

Patients my friend , hope my friend , because they listen , believe me :+1:


That’s interesting.

I was starting to think that perhaps the PS4 just couldn’t really cope with CE, and may even be part of the problem, especially in the case of all these rendering bugs etc…

I was wondering if the PS5 with more horsepower (heh) might improve the gaming experience in any way? Be curious if anyone who has one (no small feat in itself) has noticed any visible difference between the two, in terms of bugs.

It does run a hell of a lot better but it still has some of the bugs and performance issues, they are just not as bad and not as frequent. Load times are incredibly fast in comparison to the ps4 pro, both into the server and to spawn in my bases. However my thralls and horse still wig out and sink into the floor, red mother still Tokyo drifts all over the place, I float occasionally, but I’ve not had one blue screen, nor fail to connect, nor rubber banding etc. it’s only the minor bugs that have work around’s that I’ve encountered in the 5 months I’ve had my ps5. And the biggest plus at the moment is that I’ve not lost a single thrall to mystery death as so many others still on old gen have done.

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friend, I already went through the same thing you did in this thread, I understand your frustration, stress, etc.

I sincerely and with all my heart tell you it is not worth it for you to be nervous and moody.

My advice, play something else and I do not say it in the plan if you do not like errors, leave the game, no, that is not my intention, we and I mean us the private server where I play, we no longer tolerated errors so It was decided to leave it for a season, rest from Conan and simply go to other games.


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