Time this debacle was put to bed, permanently

Lets face it, on PS4 this thing is a joke. I bought it in the summer sale at $40, i have restarted 3 times due to almost total wipes, before the fanboys and ghost employees start. Solo offline only, no purge, or environment death. My patience has run its course, 2 months of nothing (Except 1 month of Funcom holiday)

They post patches that break the game, the PR department has its head in the stratosphere, the poor community “managers” will be unemployed soon as the playerbase hurls themselves off this sinking wreck of a game. I consider my $40 a waste, got nothing except dissatisfaction. I have little doubt this post will be deleted pretty soon.


Your posts are actually taken down by the moderators especially if they go against the guide lines as that is most likely why they are taken down.


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Thanks for that, although there are many interpretations in that typical Funcom document as there are in a product description called “fit for purpose” Time will tell.


I rest my case 31 minutes after posting I have been flagged by “the community” as posting inappropriate comments, please look at my post. Expressing dissatisfaction with a consumer product is inappropriate when it totally fails to deliver. Unbelievable.


Yeah they tend to do that here a lot. Even banning accounts that show the truth about their crappy product.

Hope you don’t get banned too.

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It got 3 likes in 31 minutes while it was up, at 3am. You do the math.

They got the money, not bothered now, jog on buddy. Basically.

My original post has been restored

My subsequent “community flagged” posts will be restored shortly, I’m just doing some bug fixing with them. :slight_smile:

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