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PS4 Pro … PvE … no co-op

I was having save issues and a bunch of the other bugs EVERYONE else complained about. I thought I’d play a little here and until “500” patch. Today, while heading north to my t3 base, I fell through “geo”, did a never ending fall … popped out in the begining desert. Ok, no problem, walk north again … Instead … my journey tree RESET, all 4 bases GONE … all my saved gear and mats … GONE. I’m still lvl 60 with my Vanir set, but my feats are RESET.

Millions of dollars, years in production and you put out a non-working game, non-working patch and I’m surprised my PS4 Pro isn’t cooked with all the lag and crappy sound it has to keep up with.

I feel sorry for the players and testers who probably put in countless hours of game testing only to have such a shoddy, under-developed piece of crap be rushed to market for a quick buck.

Before you haters think I’m being an ■■■, I supplied Funcom with 6 years of yearly membership fee for Conan Hyboria and Unchained, along with extra DLC "including this one.

Funcom, you’ve let me down and really loved this game.


While I understand your disappointment as I’m pretty sure a lof of ppl feel that way (myself included), in fact, nothing is lost, the game can be improved and we all like to beleive it will. A grand or fail finale, we already own the game, we can only wait for the upcomming updates to check if its a game worth playing.

I appreciate your encouragement. I’ve been very patient with the time I do get to spend relaxing and playing a game. I don’t have the time to keep rebuilding and redoing everything. I’ll wait and watch the forums. I hope that the Team gets a good rest, because they have a torrent of issues to tackle. I just wish they would have put together a better release than what we have, it’s by far the worst I release I’ve ever played (and I’m not even playing online yet). I thought I could play offline until they worked out all the kinks, but that is a ways away yet.

Until then, I hope you have better game play … cheers!


At level 60, you can legitimately rebuild a T3 base, unless you have some elaborate eyesore castle in the sky, in an hour.

T1, 10 minutes.

Losing the materials sucks, no doubt, but everything minus silver is extremely easy to come by.

Silver is very easy to come by there’s a bunch of Ore between Unnamed City and Spermeru. Rebuilding a T3 base in 60 minutes is a really, really bad estimate -

If you’re doing Black Ice, you need to go get Black Ice (easiest part of this). Then to make insulated wood you need to collect fish, put them through press to get oil, collect bark and wood to make dry wood and resin. Then to make steel reinforcements you need to get hides to make tar and then collect brimstone, then you need to make steelfire and then collect and cook a bunch of iron; convert iron to steel; convert steel to steel reinforcements and then finally you can start making Black Ice material.

There’s no way you’re doing all of that in 60 minutes, even to make 1 Foundation.

You can get everything you need to make a black ice base visiting 3 locations.

Temple of Frost will give you all the black ice you need. Road of the Pilgrim and Black Keep areas will give you all the resin you’d need from the trees. The Silent Legion Warriors drop steel frequently. Then you head over to your desert dry wood farming area of choice.

Obviously you’ll need to break down the steel into steel reinforcements in a blacksmith bench, obviously you’ll need to combine the dry wood and resin in a carpenter bench for insulated wood.

There is no bark needed. No ironstone farming needed. No brimstone needed. No tar needed.

Within an hour, you’d easily have all the materials you rebuild a T3 base. Unless of course you have some huge monstrous castle.

Yeah, just sux i lost my map room, all the obliesk need to be re-tuned. I gotcha though.

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Also sux that I had just farmed the last of my 125 Star Metal need for my next armor upgrade.

Im right there with you. I have supported them and spent the money to help them thinking they would put more effort into the glitches. Im on PS4 on server 3024 I have spent hours and hours and hours building my castle that I have and then half of it goes missing, thralls and equipment disappear, health regeneration not working at all, cant loot any of the dead bodies I kill, on and on and on. Im so pissed im not playing this until they fix their stuff and not buying any more DLC or anything until they fix it.

First off, you don’t need to go all the way to Frost Temple for Black Ice.

Regardless, you’re crazy if you think all that can done in an hour, hell just the travel would take that long.

Even if you could collect all the materials with this method, having only an hour to do so you would only be able to get enough to make a tiny “base”, let’s just call it a shed. I get what you’re saying, that it doesn’t take very long. But saying 1 hour (and sticking to it) is nonsense.

Not everyone has the time to be bothered starting over. The guy is right, this IS the worst fully released survival i have played. Great game, but should never of been fully released in this state. You can’t gloss over the fact.

If i was the OP i’d probably go play something else. That’s a bitter pill to swallow losing everything in a fully released game.


I agree 100% Its crazy

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