Official Server #2583 pvp

So on this server that I’ve been playing on for weeks now this is the second time I’ve that this has happened all of brimstone has been covered by foundations and it’s really starting to make this game less and less fun for everyone that keeps joining the server please please do something about it I’ve emailed you guys about the situation I’ve sent videos and I can continue to send images and videos in order to get them off this server because that’s all they do is block brimstone from salt lakes to sinners refuge all the way in the jungle all of the water is being blocked please just kick them from server (Xbox official server #2583 pvp come check it for your self the team name is deicide and just to let you know.
all they do is sit at the stones and kill people when you spawn in please DO SOMETHING THEY GOTTA GO it’s just making this game toxic

If it’s a pvp server, then I suggest that you stop crying about it and spamming the devs. This is how the game is supposed to be. Break their foundations, kill them if they attack you. Trebuchets are pretty powerful tools


Crying will get you nowhere as there is no admin for official servers, either do something about it yourself ingame or find another server.

I wanted to write exactly this. Spamming foundations at important resource spots create conflicts that open up for some cool PvP.

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