Do you even care?

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PVE]
Region: [EU]

Among some of the post I have made and what I can read on your forums, there seems to be alot of blockers ingame. On both PVP, PVE and PVE-Conflict servers. What I dont read is, what does Funcom do about these blockers? Do you ban them? Remove their bases from the servers?

Do you even care about the gamers, which are affected by these players, who seems to ruin the game for many. Its a daily struggle to try to. stop the blockers.


Unless it stops you from playing the game entirely, such as walling off the entire starting desert, they don’t do anything. They consider resource control/denial/sharing to be part of the gameplay.


I am on a server, where thats currently happening. A clan has blocked places, which prevents players from accessing important points.


The issue is not that some clan block resources. It’s strategy … bu the issue is that 99% times those clans use dupe to get enough materials to block!!!
Btw I suggest funcom to set a proportional decay time at least from obelisk distance.
This will make really hard to lock obelisks for long time

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Or make an ‘aura’ that you simply couldnt build at those, important areas.


That part above is the important part. Blocking off something like the Brimstone lake is annoying, but it doesn’t stop you from playing the game entirely.

I made a suggestion that something like leyline highways should be implemented. They would travel down roads and the middle of rivers prevent building. You could still build over them, but only if you built 2 blocks above the ground (bridges over things instead of walling things off).


That could actually be rly cool :slight_smile: if they would listen to it.

Moving this to the General Discussions section as it’s not a bug report. :slight_smile:

I understand the frustration of NEW players when they start and found a situation like this one.

But I thinkmost of the players ask themselfs the wrong question: all of them ask “what’s Funcom doing for this ?” too few ask themselfs “What CAN I DO for this ?”

Just not to copy-paste what we did on our server I leave you the link of what we did.

If YOU care about, if you act according of this, in the long run you’ll win and the server where you are will be a beautifull place.

And… well… if there are peoples trespassing the rules and acting like a troll, I’m not suggesting nothing of course but… I don’t think is bad acting against them outside the rules :wink:

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How can it be “part of the gameplay” on PVE servers?! There are no ways to break walls in PVE.


We did, we enwalled the whole wall in OUR walls until it decayed :blush:


You can also with some success guide a nearby purge to such walls :slight_smile:


Build a small 8x8 shack near there’s. Open terrain. Load it full of placebles. Pots. Pans. Braziers. Thousands of tankards.

This should be 2 floors piled with junk. Tons of easy to make junk. Makes it more desirable a place for the purge to strike.

Stay there when your purge meter is full.

Once the purge hits kite them all to your enemies base. Use poison gass to get all their attention and drag em all to that location.

I dismantled someone trying to block an obilisk on pve c in the northern jungle.


like this idea.

What is also happening is that there is a large group going from server to server helping each other. I will attack and there is one other on the server. Then in fifteen minutes there was sixteen. I feel you should lose your character if you go to another server.

There was a clan that showed up and blocked the Scorpion Queen cave. We reported them and they got banned. So, YES, Funcom is trying to be active and does care.

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These r great news


Fun little bit of Conan lore: Conan never stayed in one place for long, nor did he, until his later years, try to take command of anything. In the eyes of the Barbarian himself, a wall is just an obstacle to be overcome or circumvented. There’s a climbing mechanic for a reason, and whatever important point you’re trying to get to, I’m sure there is another one of equivalent value somewhere else on the map… even a big clan will have trouble closing off all the resources on the map. I suggest you spend some time in single player learning where all the important resources are. That way, when you find a clan trying to block one, you simply go after another or find a way around their blockage.

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All single players give up. Which is exactly what the alpha want. R u in a alpha clan?

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On pvp servers Its a complete ballache when clans block obelisks with black ice forts that require so much to destroy. It can kill a servers population.

It requires a huge amount of bombs to remove the land claim, something you wouldn’t need to do when base raiding. Otherwise they simply rebuild at much less cost than the cost to you.

Most people dont have access to enough bombs to clear obs but it’s easy to get enough black ice to claim them. On pve it must be even worse.

Just put a no build zone round every ob. Simple. They exist elsewhere.

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