Northern Jungle Obelisk blocked off entirely on Official PVE-C #1823

Well, if your on a PVE-C and you have the attitude of “killing a whole clan” you should look at a PVP server. I don’t view PVE-C like that, and Im sure a lot of others don’t as well…but that’s just me.


I can understand that point of view, but I would guess that not all think the same. Some people just don’t want their buildings hurt but love the fighting

The same people have done it on 1518 as well I moved from 1823 to get away from the drama they and couple others were creating.

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That sucks that you had to move… I am not saying it isn’t a dic move to block it but it also shouldn’t end any game play. In the end it is just a shortcut not a requirement of the game. But form your comment did you leave because of the obelisk or because of the drama.

I left because between those guys blocking oblisk they tried set also and another group trying to block them in by closing off all of asagarth yes they pinned several other in there too as well as the griefers. and that created enough drama that ran off over 3/4 the population of the server including myself.

I didn’t care for their pvp tactics of ganging up on individuals and when server did try it just made things worse in long run.

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You can always try to lead a boss over there to destroy the walls

They usually have a base built around to where boss wouldn’t get close enough to hit the walls least that’s what they did on my new server

It doesn’t mean that to everyone. Our server community is CLEARLY marked as ‘relaxed’.

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Where is the Bug for the “Updates and Bugs” section ?

Probably was put here because it would get ignored everywhere else.

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Official servers are plagued with hackers, exploiters, and griefers…Funcom does not have the resources to police every official server, but sometimes these issues get attention. There is no board for this type of report except for exploit hunters.

So thank you for being a forum moderator here but I would like for Funcom to realize this is a problem that drives away players.


100% issue on this server combined with their griefing, has drove this server to empty. Which was there goal all along

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People doing it are only doing it for sport they go after those not aware and mostly lowbies only time they will even attempt to kill someone higher is when odds are in their favor as in 3 - 5 to 1


Reminder…PVE-c, nothing can be done about the obelisk-blocking buildings and the griefer logs on just enough refresh decay.

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maybe it was punishment. just like you got punished nemesis

Im sorry, dupers and exploiters have no valid opinions.

And please, explain how blocking content and spamming duped foundations around the map is punishing someone? If you think that actually slows anyone down, that in itself is the reason you always lose.

Well known player who does this server to server. They did the same thing on the one I play on.

PVE Conflict. Seems a regular tactic to be honest. They get bored though and then vanish and it decays. Just work around it.

I personally and others of my Server personally defended by building structures every where else to prevent building.

Then most log off at PVP time so they have nothing to do. They then leave.

Well. They drag bosses to my base in protest. But I kill them in the morning and swim in skeliton keys. Lol

@Jens_Erik Please let us know your take on issues like this? Is it your intent that we suck it up ‘it’s conflict after all’? Or do you feel that players like that run off valuable players and needs a solution?

They just refresh our server - been 2 months now…we musta pissed them off by how many times we killed them after they started their server griefing.