Northern Jungle Obelisk blocked off entirely on Official PVE-C #1823



Im sorry, dupers and exploiters have no valid opinions.

And please, explain how blocking content and spamming duped foundations around the map is punishing someone? If you think that actually slows anyone down, that in itself is the reason you always lose.


Well known player who does this server to server. They did the same thing on the one I play on.

PVE Conflict. Seems a regular tactic to be honest. They get bored though and then vanish and it decays. Just work around it.

I personally and others of my Server personally defended by building structures every where else to prevent building.

Then most log off at PVP time so they have nothing to do. They then leave.


Well. They drag bosses to my base in protest. But I kill them in the morning and swim in skeliton keys. Lol


@Jens_Erik Please let us know your take on issues like this? Is it your intent that we suck it up ‘it’s conflict after all’? Or do you feel that players like that run off valuable players and needs a solution?

They just refresh our server - been 2 months now…we musta pissed them off by how many times we killed them after they started their server griefing.


It is conflict yes. And we have had many groups join. And leave as rapidly. I am not saying to roll over and die. I am simply saying not to feed them.

When trolls get 0 response they fade or burn out. Remove what they find fun


No they are over on my server building walls around someones base in oasis which is Griefing there should be rules against any building around bases oblesk and any other POI on a Pve or Pve C server since nobody can destroy them. If there are rules against it It should be enforced.


@Jens_Erik Please, fix this - known griefers for the point of making players quit. Is this what you want?


To block access to an obelisk …

An item to attune your bracelet so you can fast travel …

Somehow, the logic behind this completely escapes me other than
just plain pi**ing people off… and they have succeeded.

I’m seriously getting too damned old for this nonsense.


Chiming in a little late here, but I play on 1823 and this type of behavior has not only killed the server population, but deflated any fun the remaining players have.

We can’t attack or destroy the structures as it is PVE-C and we can only fight them, player versus player - which they crave and love. It would be giving them what they want.

We are stuck dealing with a situation that should be punishable (in PVE/PVE-C) - as should be the trapping in of bases, and spamming of foundations across the map. We literally have no way of hitting back. Yes, we could drag bosses over there - but all we would be doing in reality is serving up skeleton keys as they 5 or 6 strong at lvl 60.

Not only are they blocking off the obelisk, they are extremely vulgar in chat - it’s repulsive. A number of us have reported that behavior as well, with no avail. Having the mute/block function actually work in game would be wonderful.


Oh that is sad, this is why i put my own server together. I just cant stand official servers for these very reasons. Plus if i wanted to do PVP, i would rather rent a box, put in a whitelisted list of clans and go have fun.

You guys gotta start getting clans together and figure something else out, official is not the place to be doing pve or pvp because its a non modded server with 0 rules. Get 5-10 mid sized clans together and rent your own server.


Agreed. Becauase I am with you. On the server. I have seen the racism and also griefing. They are pretty crude and spam chat with language that would get them banned from any other type of media.

But their griefing is out lf control really. But becauase of the whole limitation on building damage summoning avatars and blowing up things is not going to happen.


We have tried that. We have a varying player base with people like myself having limited time during PvP hours.

A lot of the griefing happens to new players fresh out of the desert. So They quit. So the fresh stock of new people get slaughtered right out of the gate.


Currently they blocked off the passage to the highlands. Not really building more than a wall with doors. Where the ghost is.

I am pretty sure they are not intending to build there. Just block it off.

But there are many ways to get do the highlands. So it is inconsequential.


Unless this is the alphas doing this (such that it is on PvE-C), then your other larger clans are letting you down here. Not that this sort of stupidity should be allowed on a PvE or PvE-C server anyway, but the solution is to get together and have the larger, active clans claim territory like this themselves (for example, building in the passageway, but leaving it open or putting up open T3 structures around the obelisks).

Annoying though it is, there are solutions if the decent players work together.


They tried that but all left now only a few of us having to deal with them and you cant fight being walled in as they have done to several if you cannot tear down walls.


Yes, it was too little too late. They were confronted by THE WHOLE SERVER about their behavior and racism. They just didn’t know how to lose so they griefed the obelisk. They are rude and nasty juveniles.

Folks, I ask that you please read the entire thread when commenting.


This is an accurate description. Ganking lowbees, profanity, racist comments, locking out obselisks was the order of the day for this clan.

Many of us left.

Can’t really say “stop being a bad person” in a game with rules that permit this behavior. Just have to walk away and leave creating yet another empty official server.


Sorry, didn’t mean to state the obvious there. That’s an unfortunate situation. They really need to create more “no build” regions based on PvP / PvE settings, and expand certain existing ones. PvP they can obviously leave alone, since players can handle that kind of nonsense themselves.


Still here…on PVE-C server


I agree with this, as a preventative measure. We have built up around the other ob’s, etc to leave them open for use, but this advice is null and void once they built up.