1880 Foundation Spam Shattered Springs

A spiteful clan that was beaten by the servers alpha has spammed a significant amount of T3 foundations in Shattered Springs. It has been 3 weeks and they appear to be refreshing it faithfully. Is there any way we could get an admin to erase this?

I still don’t understand why this is allowed to happen, the whole area inside the sulphur lake should be a no build zone, anybody who has the notion that blocking resources is a tactical decision is perhaps not a very rational thinker. Shooting yourself in the foot just to hurt your competition is not good tactics, especially if you are disadvantaging yourself as much as your opponents, WHen someone stops the brim from spawning they are taking that same brimstone away from themselves. Sure they can get brim from somewhere else but so can your opponents, the next brimstone area will then be just as contested as the springs were… So I fail to see how this can be used for any other purpose than to essentially employ grief tactics in an attempt to frustrate the others on a server.

If people were just blocking access but still allowing for the resource to spawn so they themselves can harvest it for their own clan, then that I understand, that is tactical, but removing it for everyone including ones self is just stupid, it would be like nuking your own country so that your enemies can’t do it…

Explanation on not creating no build zones in these areas is as follows:

See also “Harassment and Griefing” listed here:

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I hate to say it but your best option is to just get a private server. I was forced to deal will players that grief and troll servers my clan and i tried 3 different servers before we finally just rented our own.

It is sad but how i look at it is the free server are to see if you really enjoy the game if so get your own or join with a clan that has a private server. Sadly that is the only way to enjoy the game without the griefers and trolls.

Yep. This is also the reason why turning the Springs into a no-build zone would not help. The blockers would simply build around the Springs, in which case they would actually get the brimstone themselves but still deny it from everyone else. Blocking it completely is at least fair for everyone.

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