PS4 Patch (24.10.2019) - Thrall fixes, optimizations, audio and other fixes

Why is balancing so hard? Let them make a sound every 1-2minute… Now it feels so empty again :confused:

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Too little too late. Most the thralls that were broken are dead and their armor lost, so no reason to revert to fix something that no longer exists. Most companies would have either reverted a patch that catastrophic - tested it more thoughtfully - or both - before releasing it. It’s one thing to get something minor wrong, but quite another to essentially delete everyone’s time and effort and not fix that problem, only what caused it. If you had the data to revert them in your database why didn’t you hot fix the thrall data instead of waiting till other patch items were ready for a full release. What next? Delete characters and full wipe servers and go - oops - fixed it so you can log in but your characters and items are long gone! What this tells me is that the host service doesn’t perform backups , or has no reversion process when there is game breaking issues.

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Yah only Funcom has this on going issue

If you have no path for the Purge to reach your base, they will spawn in or on it. We have fixed that issue with extra walls/buildings.

I know. On the server i play, my castle is so big thet the purge span inside the castle. In every room. The purge sould span utside trying too fighet in. What is the reason too bild tick wall’s to proteckt, when the purge spawn inside???

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if gods were active spamming wouldn’t be a problem. Bases with domes still are safe because you need a lot of avatars, but the spammings wouldn’t stand a chance.

I have to deal with a clan spam near our base, they build a tower during the day and practise jumping in the afternoon, and there is no way we will destroy with bombs the spam they did down our base

The brimstone lake should be a no build zone

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I’m not saying Conan has no problem. I’m just saying there is no game without any problem. This specific error (outgoing reliable buffer overflow) occurs in dozen of other games… The same error. Of course it must be fixed. But there is no meaning on focus only the problems. Conan Exiles is an awesome game, and yes, has problems like any other game.

Right so I’m going to get to the point about the brimstone problem about other players blocking the lake it should be a no build zone as there’s no reason to build there other then if ur . other than your looking to . Ruin other players experience by the way I’m talking about the shattered Springs people keep blocking it so other players can’t farm bombs as easy and making life a lot harder please fix this or at least make brimstone back to the way it used to me u can only hit the brim stone 1 time then it’s gone u get about 3000 from the lukes

You can hit it ones. If you place ur stats righet. And have the righet armor for the job :stuck_out_tongue:

U don’t need armor just a star metal pickaxe and 20 points in survival QED ur get 40 brimstone a hit which is not reply a lot for an best in slot tool

Dear funcom he’s some advice when me or other users comment on problems it would be a massive help to everyone if u say something and reply it dose not take long to reply and listen to what everyone here not trying to hate u on just trying to help u and make you’re game fun and more enjoyable for all that play the game Conan is an amazing game just needs better communication from u when some one says some thing u should at least try and reply on the same day that people try and talk to u funcom lot
Of people have Given up hope because if u not talking in the past I hope u can hope to change this

Please understand that we do actively monitor the forums, even if we do not reply at all times, as many concerns have usually been addressed in other posts.

Making no build areas out of POIs or the Shattered Springs wouldn’t prevent those areas to be closed by walling them off, and it would have dire repercussions on private servers and single player sessions in which players have used those areas as part of their builds.

Since official servers aren’t actively moderated, private servers usually enforce specific rule sets regarding building and raiding that provide a less ruthless experience with little to no griefing.


Thanks for the reply but could u look in to it for all the official servers people are spaming it on slot off official servers so other players can’t raid them and they raid everyone else it’s a big problem I play in a 10 man tribe and we all think it would be great if u could change this or do a work around so brim stone spawns even if they black the spawns I’m a day 1 player and this has been buging me for a long time. It’s unfair if u join a sever where tribes have been in there for 1 year and the y block everything so new tribes can’t build up and they can’t do anything because everything is blocked .

Then you are a trolling P.O.S. That deserves no respect . So a big L on the forehead to you.

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:rofl: sorry but FC knows it. Sometimes its better if u read the thread before u post something.

They removed them last patch because the patch before were a bit much with the new sounds.

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New patch is out!