Server 1200 crash

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PVP 1200
Region: Europe

The server continues to fall every day in the afternoon. Currently it is the most populated server, this is intolerable, it is like this for a month or more. He does not care? Is it absurd, if you can’t keep all these servers because you don’t start reducing the number, so you have longer lasting servers? Ridiculous situation, seriousness of the company funcom equal to 0


Totally Agree with u, we dont deserve servers like that.

Each afternoon it crash, admin comes, and they can’t fix it… shame…
When we can see a real upgrade on server side?

now they will tell us that with the new update everything will work out, we already know that it won’t be like that, since they can’t manage a 40-person server…

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True. Those useless stuff intent on damaging the server…

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Done many times and not just me. Now, at 14:20 the server is offline. This is ridiculous, the 1200 as I thought it has lost users. Keep it up and lose half of the few users in 2021.

We had the same thing in 1590 for a long time, until we thought to contact Community Support. Within two days of contacting them they cleared the massive spam that was despawning all the sulfur nodes.

I believe that the requirement is that it functionally impacts the ability to progress in the game. In my eyes blocking off the springs via walls and anti climb would be a strategic move, but despawning the entirety is something else.

Again, they cleared it for us within a few days. Your mileage may vary!

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This is important.

There is something to be said for strategic management of resources, such as walling off springs to chokehold sulfur supply, or surround obelisks to close off raiding routes.

However, in our case on 1590, the entire springs area was paved over by T3 by a group that had been banned for exploits involving duplication of materials. We contacted community support and they resolved the issue, and our server went from 3-4 players online to almost full every evening.

The Community Support staff doesn’t want unhappy players, but people need to be reasonable and appropriate requests. Sandbox builders will always have players that will enjoy causing pain to others. It’s the nature of the type of game. That’s why Funcom created PvE and PvE-Conflict servers for people that don’t want to wake up one day in the desert.

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I’m holding back from not writing anything aggressive. Was there a 4-day rollback, are you kidding me? If I had known all this crap, I wouldn’t have bought this game.

Have I wasted 4 days of my life and the funcom just says “sorry”?

They can wipe him. 60% of population live in undermesh and have massive fonda spam arround her base. Server cant deal with them and will crash again and again.

It would be better to do a wipe of the entire server not doing a 4-day rollback. What does it mean?

Careful what you wish for. You just may get it :stuck_out_tongue:

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