Official server 1200 not accessible

Server is repeatedly disconnecting players without notice and then is not accessible for more than hour forcing them to try to connect or leave their body free for looting.

P.S. :I came back to Conan after few moths break after being wiped by cheaters several times to see if the critical bugs were removed, but I see, that this game is still more or less unplayable.

So sad fate for so good game

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1124 same ;<

This server needs a reset. Its useless how its like right now.

1100 same…

the russian glitch structures cause it… they went from full Server to full Server… and stacked some 100 ceilings into each other… i tried to remove but when this Building once is done there is not way to remove it amymore… allready ist decayed now on 1100 but its still there… and if someone go close to the structure the Server crash instantly… now its trapped in a slope of crashing - 1 min up crash… all the time…

i reportet this serveral times but no admin came and tried to remove it step by step… now its too late and totally broken… gj funcom!!!

only 2 ways to fix it… find the issue and fix it or wipe the server… otherwise no one can play there anymore…

funcom already said that they intend to fix the issue with the upcoming patch which hopefully will be deployed on Monday.

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