Official server 1200 PVP, russian cheaters have block obelisk near sepermeru

They have block volcano and have glitched bases too.

Funcom can you please take actions???

No admins on official servers.

This is an exploit and cheating.

how exactly are they cheating by blocking the obelisk on a pvp server?

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yesterday was fine… ok today we go with jars :wink:

PVP is pretty much self proclaimed law

they use this comand in Admin Mode with cheat or some Bug PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName]

El Pablo from this Russian clan is glitching hard on this server.
Unlimited Stamina, 4th attack, katana glitch and probably more.

The blocking is just meh, you can still jump out of it or bomb it.

Sir, you forgot that they have spots undermesh and raids from undermesh. :slight_smile:

1200 server is dead,

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1200 is just fine. I have great fate in the expertise and experience of our «friendly» alphaclan👍 If they can’t handle it we will just have to call in the flyhacks!

First of all pcnlux do not lie please.

1200 has 2 problems:

  1. As you said the russians are glitching (they even admitted it) and probably have loot under textures, something has to be done with that.

  2. The ones blocking the obelisks and the brimstone lake (they spamed t1 foundations so no brimstone can respawn) are not the russians but the «friendly» clan that you guys love so much. They claim that they blocked the obelisks and the brimstone lake to help us all and that they did it for the good of the server.

So in the end both sides are wrong donig what they don’t have to, and both deserve to be punished so do not lick the «friendly» clan so much boys, they need to be purged from the server too.

have you seen the chinese use exploits? xD

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The topic is about the block and the guy who’s blocking the map is not the russian guy with a chinese name, but the «friendly» guy that you defend so hard because you are affraid of telling them the truth and facing them. it’s them who’re blocking the server obelisks volcano and the brimstone lake.

If you want to talk about him glitching in combat open a new post since you can see in the first message the topic is not about that.

i did look him.

You are right in both aspects. Exploiting isn’t ok and the counter meassures aren’t ok either. I am well aware that the «friendly» clan is very far from friendly. I am just a little tired of server is dead posts, hence my lax reply…
The obelisk at the sinkhole has elevators now. The maproom is back up. Things tend to work out somehow very often. I guess playing on official pvp servers since early access as a casual player with only a few hours available for play each week has tought me to go with the flow and let things evolve over time. I play on a modded private server when things become unbearable or not fun. But again I agree with what you just said…

So another evening on 1200. Elevators blown away by alpha. Maproom removed by another clan. Exploiters trying to open alpha counter meassures at salt lake trying to convince players they were doing it for the grater good😂 welcome to the wild wild west of official pvp. I am intrigued by it. And I paid some 40 bucks for it 1500 hours ago. Best product I ever purchased🎮

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Hey devs! Check out PS4 official server 2838 as well! I know you won’t! But the tribe Twizted reality has built all around abolisks and is meshing and killing any who dare to fast travel during PVP time, the one doing most of this is Miguel101, he has bragged about undermeshing and destroyed our first base, he claims by means of meshing.

These are PVE C servers with no ability to destroy structures.

So we are all screwed. This clan is also terrorizing all newcomers to the server and has even blocked the roads to the broken highway, preventing newcomers from entering the game.

This is Barbaric, and not in a Good way!

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